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    Default My insane idea for this summer: Build a self loading rifle in .577 Snyder

    Well it's time for something new to occupy this old retired cat's summer. I've done my 80% lowers, built a few semi stens, and refurbished one of everything from IMAs Nepal Cache. So what to do next?

    The coolest thing I learned from my IMA restorations was how much fun huge bore old black powder cartridges can be both to load and shoot.

    What I learned from making my 80% and stens is that it isn't too complicated with the minimal skills and tools I have out in the garage.

    What I need is something to occupy my waking hours this summer...

    So, what about attempting to make a self loading rifle using a huge black powder cartridge. The .577 is easy to reload and a fun cartridge to shoot. It's obsolete as far as my state laws are concerned as it isn't commercially loaded which puts it in an odd place. Just based on the most cursory observation I think about 8 cartridges might be able to be squeezed into a 30 round AR mag with some modifications.

    Black powder fouling with a self loading action, interesting, sounds like fun!

    Piston driven rotating bolt? Piston driven tilting block? Recoil operated? Hmmmm.

    As a thought exercise alone it may be fun to spend time with. Please feel free to float ideas, laughter, and/or derision!

    - ahh! An electric driven chain gun based on a Snyder (semi of course)... Muahahahaha <Puts on lab coat and heads off to the garage with a maniacal glint in his eye.>

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    Interesting! Crazy? Yes- but in a good way.

    Would you need to start with an AR-308 lower to accommodate the length? Maybe 777 or Pyrodex would be clean enough for direct impingement or at least a gas piston system.
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    Oh, c'mon! make a self loading, full auto muzzle loader...challenge yourself, man!

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    That was my first thought when I saw the thread title... whatever you come up with is going to foul like a mofo! ;)

    Good luck. Post progress.
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    In for the build pics!

    I think Mountain is right -- if you go with an AR platform, it's going to have to be .308, because the .577 is almost a quarter inch longer than 5.56/.223 Remington.
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