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    Default good SHTF read >>

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    Excellent read. It was an eye-opener for me. Thanks for posting the link.
    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” -George Washington-

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    Default FerFAL is a must read

    Been a fan of FerFAL for a while. A real eye-opener for sure. Gave me shivers first time I read his accounts. Good advice on his blog re: protesting an AWB

    Posted by FerFAL at 2:09 PM 8 comments
    Friday, February 27, 2009
    Fighting for your freedom.

    This is regarding the latest news on the AW ban.

    Guys, just some advice regarding peaceful resistance. ( you have to do that as long as it’s an alternative)

    Organize. You are still in f&%%! America, organize gun owners and get them to HIT THE STREETS.

    What made our president resign was the huge mass of people, ordinary Joes and Janes peaceful banging pots.

    It takes minutes for cameras to arrive if there’s enough people. And once that cameras start showing up you people can speak to the world.

    What happened in our case was that people were fed up and the message was pretty simple “Leave, all of them!” , the famous “Que se vayan todos”.

    I can’t begin to explain the kind of noise that an entire city banging pots and honking horns makes.
    It’s not even like a rock concert. Its more like a colossal beast roaring, ok?
    And if it’s directed against you ( our president) I can’t imagine how it can feel. I suppose at the very least it makes you wet your pants.

    That was then but we also had a similar protest not long ago, when they tried to mess with the farmers and hit them with a 44% tax.

    This time the protest wasn’t “everyone leave”. But “No, we want the president to stay because we want a democracy, but we want to make it clear that we do not approve this”.

    And the vice president ended up voting AGAINST the president, because he understood the consequences of not listening to the people.

    How do you do it

    You need to make yourself heard.
    When people are mad and outraged enough they are more willing to go to the state capital building and make themselves heard.

    The way they didn’t here was start email chains letting everyone know when and where the protest would take place. ( No, don’t send Federales to gun me down, I didn’t start the ones in Argentina. I just received them and forwarded them like millions of others did)
    Also, people would use cell text messages.

    These messages where started by just anyone, people just kept forwarding them to their contacts. In a matter of hours the entire country knew what was going on, either through mail or cell text message.

    What should be included in the message:

    1) Hour of the protest, mostly 6 or 7 PM is ok, so people can go there after work, and if things go well and the media shows up, it shows in the 8 PM news report.

    2) The message you want to give:

    Do you want to weaken O’s government? NO!
    Read that again NO!
    He’s an elected president of the USA and you want him to be as solid as possible, if the guy is forced to resign, even if the people can achieve that, the government as an institution will suffer in ways it will take, AT LEAST, 100 years to get back on its feet. That’s the truth guys. Fantasy aside, such institutional damage mortally wounds a country. We’ve seen it here, it happened in other places as well.

    What’s the message you want to put out there.
    “We supports the POTUS, but he’s NOT above the bill of right and we will not tolerate attempts to tamper with it”
    Doesn’t matter if you voted for the guy or not, he has to fulfill his mandate and you’ll have the opportunity to correct that during the next elections.
    So, the peaceful message is “ We’re not against O, but we will not surrender our weapons”.
    What we did here and worked VERY well, was to not allow any other sign or publicity to get related to the protest.
    Even the NRA or any other organization, there must not be any organization of any kind related to the protest. There’s a time and place for those as well, but the united citizens backing up the constitution is greater and more powerful than any of that.

    It’s a people’s protest.

    And that’s what makes it sacred, because you do not mess with the average worker and middle class guy. He has a legitimacy that is unrivaled by any organization of any kind.
    They can burn the NRA, they can burn liberals, democrats republicans or any other organization of any kind, but they can’t say “This is a scheme by the American population”, “ A plot by the average Joe six Pack”. The only flag allowed to fly should be the USA one. A few candles lit, signing the "The Star-Spangled Banner". It should be a patriotic protest, not political.

    So, when these protest take places, the only signs or flags allowed to be displayed ( other than the American flag) should be the kind that say “don’t thread on me”, “No to the free man’s rifle ban”, and such .

    Here when the 2001 protest took place, when some guy from some political party or organization of any kind wanted to raise some sign or flag, people around him/her quickly told them that they did not want that, and forced him to remove it and put it down. That they were not there supporting any organization just making the “people’s” voice heard.

    Later yes, NRA rallys or RTKABA, join them and participate, but as soon as a flag of any kind is displayed, it quickly looses the popular sincerity.

    3) These are peaceful protests. Do not fall for instigations to violence.
    Sometimes here cops or the government would send someone undercover to start making a mess, start a fight, an looting, that way the protest looses legitimacy and it looks as if its just a bunch of thugs looking fro trouble. Don’t allow that.

    4) There also a bit of marketing involved. The important thing is people showing up on the streets, but people can bang pots from home too, every bit helps.
    People have to understand that whatever they do, it helps.
    Also try to have people organizing in various states and counties, so that the guy can just go out, walk to down town, and at least find a dozen other guys protesting as well. They can meet before 8 PM, sing the national anthem for example, and exactly at 8 PM start banging pots in sign of protest.
    Maybe a guy got the email too but stayed home, but just because he hears those couple dozen guys making noise he decides to make noise and protest from his home as well. That creates a “wave”, that spreads.

    Guys, you have enough gun owners in USA, this IS possible to do.

    Just a few pointers. But people, organize, and make yourselves heard, even daring to mention a so called AW ban is extremely bad. It’s a sing of totalitarian and believing he has enough power to pull that through. Not a good sign, or good attitude.

    I think these struggles are the core of survivlism, since it involves preventing tyranny from sprouting and some of the most sacred freedoms and values.

    I’m posting this around. Mods, erase if not appropriate and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Take care everyone.

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    Wow, I just read it start to finish. Gives a you a different perspective on how quickly things can go from civilized to uncivilized.

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    Took me awhile to read it; but that was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    "There is no slippery slope toward loss of liberties, only a long staircase where each step downward must first be tolerated by the American people and their leaders." AK Simpson, 1982

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    Very interesting, food for thought


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    One thing that a picked up a while back, but just realized would be good in a SHTF scenario is a power inverter (for my car). It's a 400 watt inverter, so I can hook up the bright light from the workshop, charge a cellphone, etc. I can easily do that at the car, but I can also take the battery out and bring it inside. Doesn't compare to a generator, but I can't get a generator at a rental house.

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    Yeah, pretty much, he's the Massad Ayoob of the survivalist/SHTF world. He knows a lot when it comes to those scenerios, due to real world experiences.

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    Great info from a real and prolonged SHTF situation in Argentina. I added a few things to my BOB buy list as a result.

    First thing I'm gonna do is print out all my lists and resources and keep them in the fire safe!

    “But the biggest, most violently irresponsible gun owner in the country isn’t some left-wing caricature redneck or a deranged teen plotting a massacre from his basement. It’s the state.” ― Malcolm Harris, Aljazeera

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    sobering reading

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