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  1. Election night plans

  2. This "Covid" excuse is getting thin......

    I brought an alcohol wipe into Home Depot and wiped a carriage handle, the wipe was filthy. I asked the service desk who cleans the carriage handles, the individual said someone must do it, maybe the carriage guy. Total BS. I usually grab one of their buckets, wipe the handle, then leave it at...
  3. Electrified Trump sign in yard

    Try one of these, and look for brown spots! Available in 12 packs! View:
  4. This "Covid" excuse is getting thin......

    And I thought that COVID would result in more people staying home and becoming NES members 🤔
  5. Biden’s Texas Political Director Accused of Illegal Ballot Harvesting At Texas Supreme Court

    Not covered by the talking head fake news, what a surprise. Talk about trying to influence the election, the fake news has been trying to do this for soooo long. When will they be held accountable?
  6. Buying an AR 15 from non LTC holder

    NES Buy-Back Day? [rockon]
  7. God hates boats

    It must be an NES member thing!
  8. God hates boats

    ⏳ $$$$
  9. Shock Video: Officer Tazes Mom Sitting Alone At Sons Football Game For Not Wearing A Mask

    Who has an extra curly rug now [rofl]
  10. Black Licorice Kills

    Will to much also cause ballistic diarrhea?
  11. Black Licorice Kills

    Have to send some BL to the Mother-In-Law!
  12. Bloomberg pours $16M into Florida race to pay restitution for former felons to vote

    Maybe he should visit Jupiter. It's safe now for an anything goes RK massage. [banana] And, bribery and vote buying is how Joe Kennedy got his first election. It's estimated he paid $20/vote. Slime bucket is paying for Felons to back Biden.
  13. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    Try a RAV4 Hybrid
  14. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    I have a need for scrapes and dents :p Bring it on pretty cars! [rofl]
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