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  1. Boston globe Mill article

    I'm surprised they didn't ask Ted for his opinion!
  2. S&W M&P 10MM is hot garbage.

    Way, way back I had a PT99 and a model 66, I think it was a copy of a K frame. As I remember both were pretty solid but not as refined as their Beretta and S&W originals but I haven't owned anything else from Taurus since the mid 90s. These days, for a semi, I would buy a Canik over Taurus and...
  3. Boston globe Mill article

    I just made a little F shaped jiggy thing out of a piece of oak, it supports the opposite side of the ears and slips between them and I douche the pin with oil, and I don't use a 20oz hammer when an 6 or 8 will do.
  4. Boston globe Mill article

    I am by far no expert but over the last few years for myself and helping out friends I have assemble 25-30 lowers and I have never broken an ear, never. I suspect the ones that do don't have a lot of experience with tools or assembling things in general. I made a little "F" shaped block with a...
  5. Boston globe Mill article

    I've always been in the " a lower is a lower" crowd but your talking cosmetic appearance not functionality right? Lower choice has never been a big issue for me, I always sunk my money for a build in the barrel, bolt and FCG
  6. Boston globe Mill article

    I don't get that, I have a couple of them and they look no different than the Spikes, LRB, AA, or any of the other Non-Gucci lowers I have.
  7. Inline fab question

    This, he has mounts for almost every press out there, hell he even had one for my Wilson case trimmer.
  8. Inline fab question

    Very fast shipping with them, at least that's been my experience and I have a ton of his stuff
  9. Boston globe Mill article

    Has Guida achieved "RAT" status?
  10. Boston globe Mill article

    Talk about a hit piece!
  11. Boston globe Mill article

    "Cantankerous, Liber hating machine gun dealer!" Jack, I had no idea!! You need to put that in your sig line!
  12. brass retriever

    My kids were my brass retrievers but they're all grown up now.
  13. Senators Want Gun Shipment Stats From Trucking, Rail Companies

    I just did exactly this about three weeks or so ago.
  14. Lawsuit against MA AWB

    Alright, that's funny and a good analogy.
  15. Lawsuit against MA AWB

    I get it, its just those wheels turn so f***ing slowly! Then again patience has never been one of my strong points.
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