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  1. AR15 barrels

    Dimple jig maybe?? I know they sell these little plastic rods you can use to align the gas port with the gas block, never used them but they're out there.
  2. New Firearms Acquisitions June 2021

    Negative, nice and tight. I have heard a couple of stories about the JRD guns, one was the frames were made by Wilson. Another was that they have afermarket parts inside and they were put together by S&W under the eye of performance center workers training other S&W employees. Not sure if any of...
  3. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    How are they doing on memberships, my postcard said sometime in June/July I believe.
  4. Fall River Police investigating after multiple vehicles hit with gunfire

    I meant to mention Harbor Terrace in my post too.
  5. Fall River Police investigating after multiple vehicles hit with gunfire

    Idk, my wife's family's home was literally one house away on Pokross Street, they never had any issues, not the that Sunset Hill was a nice place. Growing up in that area I always heard more bad stuff about Harbor Terrace and Pleasant View but we lived in the very north part of the city by the...
  6. high power flashlight advice

    Since I read this I keep thinking of Oddball saying "is a mother powerful flashlight"
  7. high power flashlight advice

    I have a couple of Fenix lights, around 1000+ lumens, use C123 batteries. Think it cost around $80 and has a strobe feature and adjustable output settings. Seems like a well made light but not mother powerful!!
  8. Minishells- Who Carries Them?

    If you feel like taking a ride south I have some I will sell you, got buckshot and slugs. There great for the range but they wouldn't be my first choice for self defense.
  9. Braintree MA 2 cops shot 1 k9 passed

    If they had just sent in a social worker.[thinking]
  10. AK-50

  11. New Firearms Acquisitions June 2021

    I have one of the first run of SW1911s, a JRD prefix gun and its one I won't part with.
  12. .45 ACP AR PCC Who's built one?

    I can't help the OP but you would think that Ruger would develop their PCC for 45/10mm...there seems to be a market. Shit, Marlin could bring back the Camp Carbine too!
  13. New Firearms Acquisitions June 2021

    Been wanting a commander size 1911 in 45 and this piece does not disappoint! Its boringly accurate. I keep going back to 1911s and this just may become my new EDC.
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