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  1. '81 NM

    Oh, my heavens me! I carry a striker fired pistol sometimes with a round in the chamber and the safety off...does this make me unsafe according to your observation? I’ve owned 15 M1/M14 pattern rifles at one point or another and never use the damn safety.
  2. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    It’s all about what you think your situation might be. If you see yourself shooting in the prone a lot from behind barriers/berms, a helmet might be all you need! If you’re facing your opponents from the front, you’re correct to assume that it would likely stop a projectile that has already...
  3. The Military Wanted to Use a Heat Ray to Clear Protesters Outside the White House

    This would fit right in on the Riots/Protests MEGATHREAD. know, the all-encompassing megathread that’s designed to absorb anything even remotely related to riots/protesting? I made sense to me.
  4. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    P.S. what makes Hesco worthy of its own category? I’m looking at the L210’s for my lightweight slickster option, but then you went and posted that link to the ‘new to me’ vendor with some very attractive options and ultra light weight but at a hefty price. I’m trying to approach these purchases...
  5. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    I’m currently designing ‘one of each’ instead of settling for a happy medium. My lite setup will stay in my truck and will be easily deployable. I’m leaning toward a slickster to be worn in conjunction with a war belt for all my equipment needs. My other setup will be based on my...
  6. Bow Recommendations

    I really like my diamond edge pro 320 FWIW...I think it was $399 at Cabela’s and they set it up good for me for target shooting last fall (wanted a full year of practice behind it before I actually get out in the woods and attempt to harvest an animal).
  7. Looking to have a vp9 slide milled for an RMR

    Dremel tool and and an air chisel or you’re doing it wrong. Measure once, cut twice.
  8. Tactical Gear Thread: Lets see your Body Armor, BOB, Vests, Warbelts, IFAK Kits, etc.

    Is this a JPC carrier? Care to list the model/specs for the carrier as well as the accessories? All-in or individual prices would be helpful too. What kind of plates are you running? Maybe a quick description of why you chose what you did and why it’s set up the way it is? Thanks in advance.
  9. Trying to give advice to a friend......

    Get him a job with the pot dealer! That’s a great business to be in currently and plenty of room for advancement. Sky’s the limit! Hahahahaha...get it? ...I’ll show myself out.
  10. Michael Anton/The Coming Coup

    And I always forget the coasties. Poor lost children of the armed services.
  11. Michael Anton/The Coming Coup

    Very much this...I know plenty of active Marines that remember having to bring their own toilet paper to drill in the Kenyan's days. As soon as The Honorable Mr. Trump sat in the big chair, we never wanted for equipment necessary to complete our mission. He certainly has his faults, but the...
  12. Michael Anton/The Coming Coup

    f***in bring it.
  13. Hunting Season Gets Off To A Bad Start

    typically one would be shooting out of the corn at deer in the open. corn makes for an excellent blind, and if there's a breeze it'll mask any noise from a bow pretty well too. I've noticed since i've been out in Indiana (my first harvest season out here), that they harvest the outer rows of...
  14. Hunting Season Gets Off To A Bad Start

    absolutely tragic. i can't imagine being the father/relative/friend that dropped him off at the field. they'll probably never forgive themselves.
  15. HUGE Riots all over the USA/Other places too. Mr. Floyd is forgotten now. Rioting/Looting/Antifa-Anarchy/Soros & Co. MEGATHREAD!!!

    that might be a little harsh! just saying...some people are forced to go to school by their parents, and the majority of the rest have been brainwashed into thinking it's the only way they'll ever get a career rolling. me? I dropped out of high school (big regret there) my GED and moved...
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