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  1. Arisaka Type 99 Rebarrel

    I'm not near a manual right now so I can't check pressures. As a possible alternative to the 6.5 Creedmoor, maybe the 6.5 Swedish Mauser would work.
  2. Ghost Guns creating issues in NYC

    I thought you were going by Megan now. What pronouns should we use in the mill? This is so confusing. :D

    In casual conversations with gunsmiths over the years, mention has been made a couple of times of turning screws from stock to replace some missing screw. So your local gunsmith might be an option.
  4. NRA gets something right - new outreach ad

    That ad is good. I get the theme of this ad but I wonder if they could weave Colion Noir into it somehow. Any idea where/how this will be distributed? If it's available only through NRA websites or related trade magazines, e.g. Petersen's Hunting, I'm afraid they'll be preaching to the choir.
  5. What are you buying for hunting gear this year?

    Looking at the Surefire flashlights. I dropped my cheapo in Maine last week so it went dim (not completely broken). Two guys had good quality lights as we tracked a bear after dark. I don't want to get caught short again.
  6. Karma 1911 Tool

    In. Thanks.
  7. The Dubious Challenge to Antonin Scalia’s Heller Decision

    I read the NR article. A commenter to that article had an interesting point... OK. Only members of the militia can bear arms, some folks argue. So, who's in the militia? Practically everyone. Who says? Title 10 of the U.S. Code, which governs the Armed Forces: §246. Militia: composition and...
  8. No, The Second Amendment Was Not Primarily About Suppressing African Americans

    This topic has piqued my attention. If you'll indulge one more reference, I've heard there is a fascinating book titled Black Maverick: T.R.M. Howard’s Fight for Civil Rights and Economic Power. Howard (1908 - 1976) was a medical doctor and entrepreneur who was extremely successful in his...
  9. WTS Bowtech Diamond Rock

    Back to top. w/price drop.
  10. No, The Second Amendment Was Not Primarily About Suppressing African Americans

    Last week, two amicus curiae briefs were filed in a pending Supreme Court case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, the material question in which is “Whether the State’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second...
  11. No, The Second Amendment Was Not Primarily About Suppressing African Americans

    Mountain States Legal Foundation's Center to Keep And Bear Arms effectively backs this up: The Racist Reality of Gun Control | National Review
  12. 9th Circuit Strikes down Magazine Restrictions - Breaking

    I think there are 29 positions on the 9th circuit but there might be some vacancies. I assume the 11 members on the upcoming en banc panel would be assigned (drawn?) randomly. So could anyone on the first three-member panel that struck down the ban also be on this panel?
  13. Gossip about ammo deliveries

    Interesting piece of gossip on National Review today about ammo deliveries to retailers: A Funny Little Bit of Gossip | National Review
  14. NRA phone call

    I'll bet it was a sweet backpack. 😆
  15. Saturday morning bike ride and gun shop crawl

    Oops, my mistake. I was thinking more like Cannondale.
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