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  1. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

  2. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

  3. Google Map of New England Gun Stores

    Pelletier's Sports Shop 105 Peterborough St, Jaffrey, NH 03452 Phone: (603) 532-7180 http://pelletiersports.biz/
  4. Adams Arms Out of Business

    I'll sell you my AA upper.
  5. Training course

    Of all the pistol, rifle, shotgun, defensive or competition training I've done, ECQC is the best. I like the multi disciplined approach (a little bit of; verbal judo, stand up/clinch, ground fighting, knife, and pistol 0-5 feet). It's not just a shooting class, but a self defense fighting class...
  6. Happy 110 birthday to the 1911

    "The world's finest close quarters sidearm and king of feedway stoppages." - Ken Hackathorn Here's mine: Here is a 1911 that a buddy carried in OEF:
  7. Here’s proof that AR-15s are weapons of war

    TL;DR, but someone probably already said it; They don't become weapons of war until they try to take them away.
  8. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

    @CatSnoutSoup great info - thanks! I did three deployments as a Grunt in the "track" company, but never knew any that info. Can you comment on how effective the bow plane is (or isn't) in the water?
  9. Clint Smith-Snowflakes

    Danger-Close Podcast (Jack Carr) with Clint Smith:
  10. A military meme...

    I was on the deployment described below, but thankfully on another ship. The embarked Marines got a flight back to the US, but we still beat them home streaming across the Atlantic.
  11. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

  12. Clint Smith-Snowflakes

    The sound of his voice and the words that come out of it makes liberals ears bleed!
  13. AR Pistol Braces

    I have the Tailhook also. Only complaint I have is that there is no female QD sling swivel attachment, but one can make due.
  14. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

    The full investigation is to be made public after the families have had time to review it. https://taskandpurpose.com/news/marine-colonel-fired-aav-accident-investigation/
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