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  1. Happy National Airborne Day!

  2. Ran a Mag Through the Wash

    Yeah, thats a bummer. Like others have suggested; getting rid of it will give you piece of mind.
  3. Ran a Mag Through the Wash

    How often do you normally switch out your carry ammo?
  4. Trapping coons

    And another...
  5. NJ Non-Resident Carry Permit Progress

    Link for application please...
  6. Trapping coons

    Got tired of re baiting the traps after every afternoon rain storm so I cut up a 35 gallon barrel and made a shelter.
  7. Trapping coons

    Going through my raccoon photos I realized that I had a picture of the kill from the next morning.
  8. Pick Me a Semi-auto Shotgun

    I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of them even now, but yeah.
  9. Pick Me a Semi-auto Shotgun

    I don't; those paper rounds were junk.
  10. Trapping coons

    Got him.
  11. Trapping coons

    Barring any rain, how long should is it recommended to leave dog food in a dog proof raccoon trap before re baiting? How long should I try dog food before switching to a different type of bait?
  12. A military meme...

  13. Thread for Former, Current, & Future Intelligence Officers

    Your first lesson should be that a "gentleman at a gas station" is not a credible source. (and also random people on an internet forum.) Most military intel jobs are not of the "Jason Bourne" type. They generally involve analysing multi sourced data, pictures, and information and then...
  14. Trapping coons

    I recently lost a chicken to what I think was a raccoon; something reached in through the poultry fence and killed it. The very next night something (again I think a raccoon) found a gap in the fence and grabbed another chicken. I found the carcass about 10' outside the run; breasts gone, head...
  15. Give special priority to clergy for gun permits?

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