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  1. About that time again.

    Yeah, my wife swears they warned me before I left the hospital - but I was so high from everything they pumped into me I couldn’t remember a damned thing.
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Not wrong! When we moved west, I got off the highway near Joliet because I wanted to see the Blues Brothers prison while we were there anyways (it’s a boring drive - and really, you don’t NOT stop to see that). Ended up in a neighborhood we CLEARLY didn’t belong in. The local PD’s cruiser had...
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Yeah, that’s pretty much my life nowadays.
  4. About that time again.

    Same here. More stalling than waiting, because apparently I didn’t learn my lesson last time, but NOT looking forward to it.
  5. About that time again.

    Be very wary with the painkillers - opioid induced constipation is no flipping joke, bro. I got hit after my shoulder surgery, and I think I may have actually shed tears. Seriously, as gross as it is to talk about - if you’re going to be taking opiates, take a stool softener.
  6. Anyone else take the Sergeant test?

    Same with where I’m at now. A fraction of a point can make a huge difference - I was actually hoping NOT to make Chief until the last cut (don’t want to pack up and move), but with all the other factors and how close the scores end up, one single test question out of 150 could easily - and...
  7. No way VA

    Or head to the smoke pit. Willing to bet they have one, even if it’s right in the property line.
  8. God hates boats

    That time and place it wasn’t me - but I may or may not have had slime eel boats just pass things across for me to inspect over the years...
  9. Waaay too close (Russian Navy antics)

    I wish that song wasn’t totally political/social - it’s a REALLY good tune.
  10. God hates boats

    That’s always been a common misconception among boaters that 14USC89(a) (and they recently changed it - it’s 14USC522 or something now - I swear they change crap like that just to mess with the old guys and make us want to retire) pre-empts the Fourth Amendment, but it 100% does NOT. Plenty of...
  11. Ukrainian Airline crash in Tehran

    You know, I wonder - and this is NOT meant to excuse what happened - if the people directly involved tried to cover it up assuming they’d be executed for their [email protected]@@up, and the higher level actually didn’t know what happened. Far fetched, and again doesn’t excuse nor justify anything, but when I...
  12. God hates boats

    It takes an ENORMOUS burden of proof for a destructive search. Not just probable cause - but “this won’t affect my career if I don’t stop the people that actually know what they are doing and have relevant experience from doing their job” level of articulable suspicion. Now don’t get me wrong -...
  13. Waaay too close (Russian Navy antics)

    Wouldn’t have to deal with the burden of command very long after publicly stating you’d disregard COLREGS - let alone actually doing it.
  14. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Yep. Byproduct of insomnia is going down the YouTube rabbit hole. Ended up ordering one of those Qwik Picks - and learned that Master locks are an absolute joke. Kwikset not that good either. Glad I thought of that, though, I need to take it out of the toolbox, since if I actually need it...
  15. Behind the counter supplies for medical kits?

    You’ll need a prescription. But you want an honest suggestion for a very useful thing in a first aid kit that is way underrated? Coban. 3M makes the brand name stuff, or you go to an animal and feed supply place and pay a fraction as much. 80% of the average first aid kit is needless junk.
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