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  1. Happy Coast Guard Day!

    Went to an awesome CG Day picnic a few years ago. It was like the old early 2000’s parties - roasted a pig, some tri-tips and smoked briskets, another BM1 and I getting hammered and granting a week of holiday routine and forgetting to tell the OiC. Good times.
  2. The prices you guys are charging for guns/ammo is absolute extortion

    Definitely not going to want to buy ammo from me, then. I DON’T want to sell any of it, so it would take ludicrous prices to change my mine. At least a couple bucks a round ludicrous.
  3. Anyone dealing with a Woke employer?

    Not the least bit concerned. My boss may be a bit liberal, but he’s an awesome person that actually gets involved and works hard to improve the community - particularly for the kids in the area - instead of just talking. It’s fun having a job that I really believe in and enjoy.
  4. Thoughts and prayers: 15th MEU AAV sinks...

    I’m shocked at the tolerance for laxity in watertight integrity. I get the impression after reading a handful of articles about the investigation that mechanical failures were just shrugged off, with little importance to seals, closures, and fittings.
  5. A military meme...

  6. Utah Mom, 39, Dies Days After Receiving Second Dose of Moderna Vaccine

    I don’t know about MA as I’m still stuck in CA a bit longer, but the way I did it was showing up at opening time at a vaccination site that was booked solid, leaving my name and cell number with the nurse in case they had leftovers at the end of the day. They ended up having three, and I was...
  7. Covid-19 Vacinne

    Yeah, now that I’m a day and a half out, it’s gone from sore to “damn, this shit really hurts”. I’ve heard the second shot brings even more fun.
  8. Covid-19 Vacinne

    I’m on the VA list but got a chance to get one this morning on the “standby list” locally. Never been in and out of a Doctors office that fast. Got the Moderna one, and my arm is getting pretty sore, but no other side effects so far.
  9. CPAC: Watch Wayne LaPierre LIVE today at 12:30 p.m.

    I’m too burnt out on politics nowadays to watch much of it, but I already set an alarm so I don’t miss Pres. Trump’s speech. Don’t want to miss that.
  10. Biden lifts ban on transgender people serving in the military

    Exactly. This isn’t a simple thing like repealing the ban on homosexuals serving. In a practical sense, the only difference to the workforce that I saw was you didn’t have to use euphemisms like “roommate” or “friend from home” if you were talking about someone’s partner near the office spaces...
  11. What oil do you use for your guns? Is 3 in 1 any good?

    I generally grab the first thing I see on the bench with “oil” somewhere in the product name. Haven’t had any issues yet.
  12. DC Jan 6

    But won’t somebody think of the feelings?! Bad orange man said bad words and the fragile feelings of all the delicate little princesses were offended! He didn’t tell them they were special! What kind of a MONSTER doesn’t tell the fragile people how special and safe they are?
  13. Plymouth Police K-9 shot by handler

    I really, REALLY want a purebred Malinois rescue - beautiful, intelligent dogs, and a super impressive breed. But I won’t (at least anytime soon) because they are just TOO much dog for a companion animal for my level of ability training a dog. I’m well beyond the “had a golden retriever as a...
  14. Kamala one step closer to the oval office

    How is he the “President-elect” when the Eectoral College hasn’t even convened yet?
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