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  1. My buddy Dave

    Any update, Ron?
  2. My buddy Dave

    He’s a well known name in D1. Prayers for a brother Surfman from #526.
  3. What oil do you use for your guns? Is 3 in 1 any good?

    I generally grab the first thing I see on the bench with “oil” somewhere in the product name. Haven’t had any issues yet.
  4. DC Jan 6

    But won’t somebody think of the feelings?! Bad orange man said bad words and the fragile feelings of all the delicate little princesses were offended! He didn’t tell them they were special! What kind of a MONSTER doesn’t tell the fragile people how special and safe they are?
  5. Plymouth Police K-9 shot by handler

    I really, REALLY want a purebred Malinois rescue - beautiful, intelligent dogs, and a super impressive breed. But I won’t (at least anytime soon) because they are just TOO much dog for a companion animal for my level of ability training a dog. I’m well beyond the “had a golden retriever as a...
  6. Kamala one step closer to the oval office

    How is he the “President-elect” when the Eectoral College hasn’t even convened yet?
  7. A post Trump win scenario.....Your thoughts on post election chaos

    I will take every opportunity to poke at sensitive emotions and raw nerves and laugh at their crying sobbing meltdowns.
  8. A question about Prescription CoPays with the VA

    You have to pay for it now. Tricare Prime is also available to retirees and some categories of veterans, and while you also have to pay for that - $50 a month for family coverage isn’t comparatively terrible.
  9. A question about Prescription CoPays with the VA

    It is MUCH easier than I had anticipated. After hearing all of the stories about what a nightmare the VA was, I met with a VSO in my county the other day. In about 15-20 minutes she had all of my stuff in the VA’s system for my claims. Good looking young lady, too. Sky, your taxes are already...
  10. Hanging up the uniform

    Not 100 percent sure yet. Plan to GTFO of California next summer, so nothing I can’t easily walk away from for now, then start a second career once I settle down somewhere.
  11. A reasonably-priced box of Federal HST 9mm - or sex with Elizabeth Hurley - (which will I get first??)....

    Lots of it on the shelves in California. But not exactly cheap, and it’s mostly frangible hippie shit.
  12. I don't have a shotgun - flame on

    I’d stick with the 870, just because we beat the dog piss out of them, literally threw them into and dragged them out of the back of safes often covered in dried up saltwater, neglected them, and the worst they ever showed for it was the constantly loose Trijicons.
  13. !!

    Wow. Thread of the day right here.
  14. Our Son

  15. Hanging up the uniform

    COVID has blurred the lines between leave and just not going in when you don’t need to and running around taking care of all the retirement stuff, so I’m not even sure how much terminal I technically took. Was able to sell back 60 and just stop by the unit when I needed to get on the computer...
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