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  1. Steel Falling Plate Rack units?

    Check with the folks at Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club, in RI. They just had a bunch of plates built, I'm not sure who did the work though. AE
  2. US uses bullets ill-suited for new ways of war

    Having never worn green or carried a rifle to war maybe I'm missing something (so those who have/do should feel free to correct me) but: The actual soldiers interviewed for the article talked about 'putting the guy down', while the reporter was talking about lethality and killing the target...
  3. Local source needed for powder, primer, etc

    If you know what you want, Tite Group Sporting in Westboro, or Jon Green at GOAL can order you what you want. Thats probably only worth it if you want to order bulk quantities of components. AE
  4. IDPA POSTAL How do you compare with others?

    The current plan is to run the Postal Match at WPRC in June. AE WPRC IDPA Co-Chair
  5. When you can shoot legally

    "When you really couldn't care less at the moment what a jury might or might not say because they've only got a say in the matter if you're alive." +1 I think 'when to shoot' is a 'know it when you see it' situation. While the discussion in this thread is very valuable to our mental...
  6. What, no IDPA this weekend?

    WPRC on the 12th. We'll start sign in at 09h30. Classifier, and a BUG/Carbine side match. AE
  7. WPRC IDPA 4/12

    All, This month at WPRC we are trying something a bit different: We will be running the classifier on the two main pistol pits. The Price will be 10$ for everyone. On the rifle range we will have a Carbine and BUG side match. The price will be 15$ for this (which includes use of our carbine...
  8. 6.8 Grendel Build

    My mistake: Should be 6.5 Grendel. And yes, its spendy for the ammo, if I get a gun set up in any of those calibers I'll buy the reloading gear with the rifle:) AE
  9. 6.8 Grendel Build

    I just got off the phone with Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms (maker of .50 Beowulf and 6.8 Grendel ARs). Apparently 6.8 will work through a standard .223 upper, .50 won't (the case is too big to get out the ejection port). However apparently 6.8 is a bit tricky to put together and get...
  10. How much of an A$$hole is this guy (Heller article)

    Trigger locks suck when you need the gun for self defense, but they suck even worse for keeping the gun away from 'unauthorized persons'. You can open one with a screwdriver, or just walk off with the gun and take the lock off later. As for the NRA: Guns kept for personal protection are always...
  11. NPR on DC vs. Heller.

    Please do. AE
  12. What, no IDPA this weekend?

    Mr. Kelly, Thanks. I heard your gun failed on you? I hope everything is sorted. AE
  13. Built in my Basement 1911...(Pics)

    JDL Sales, Where can one order Remsport parts? Thanks, AE Jim42: Looks great. AE
  14. What, no IDPA this weekend?

    We will be hold the match at WPRC rain or shine. Our club has a 'no shooting before noon' on sunday rule, which makes sunday matches a PITA. Hope to see you all in the mud and rain. AE
  15. Reloading Safely With the Weak Hand?

    Chris, Come to the Worcester matches this summer. We usually have at least one stage thats flexible like that. If you tell me which one, I'll make sure of it. To the OP: If you had a table to use for the reload it could be done safely. Drop the old mag (using the weak hand trigger finger)...
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