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  1. BREAKING: Man took 5 guns, body armor into Atlantic Station Publix, cops say

    Looks like they forgot to make the revolver safe, its still loaded.
  2. Children out sledding come across loaded gun in Malden

    https://whdh.com/news/children-out-sledding-come-across-loaded-gun-in-malden/ Children out sledding come across loaded gun in Malden Steve CooperDecember 22, 2020 MALDEN, MASS. (WHDH) - Fellsmere Park in Malden is usually a fun place for kids to go sledding and tubing in the winter. But, that...
  3. Gun Club closure megathread

    I spoke with a Harvard Sportsman Club board member yesterday and I have a lot better understanding of what these closures entail. Every club has to register their board members with the state and they have to list the home address, phone number, etc. of each board member. And certain permits...
  4. Green membership Karma

    in 👍
  5. Gun Parlor in Worcester stays open despite governor’s order closing non-essential businesses amid COVID-19

    My understanding is the advisory is for people to stay home. The business closing is an order and are subject to fines. No? Order and advisory
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