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  1. Condition 1 Carry Poll

    No. I’m not shitting on you. You can never be too careful around unloaded guns.
  2. Condition 1 Carry Poll

    I keep my gun locked in the shipping box with the trigger lock on that is also locked in my safe plus my ammo is in a locked box elsewhere in the house. You can never be too careful. I'd never carry a loaded gun on the street.
  3. Ouch! How to F up a $3000 Python.

    Not with me they won’t.
  4. LTC-A carrying pre-ban mags question

  5. Bird guns

    I have a few Browning and Beretta options I will never get rid of. My point was more like get a feel for what catches your eye and pick it up. Point it a few times. Are you having to adjust yourself to make the gun point with the rest of you? Your clothing also can effect this.
  6. Bird guns

    Then get shopping!!!! A shop or three likely to have a big rack to point to get a feel of and buy.
  7. Ouch! How to F up a $3000 Python.

    Oh!! No worries on that.
  8. Bird guns

    Well I’d bring a gun I already was comfortable with on a bird hunting trip.
  9. let's go brandon; the sniffer loses workplace vax mandate

    So now they get to walk the walk and not just talk. Bring it!! I would have walked right out the door leaving a ton of money on the table. My wife was doing the same thing but a sale of property made that choice for her. However, a very long time banking person I’ve known also said she was...
  10. Free garage fridge.

    Picked up in Carlisle early next week or it goes to the dump. Stainless front. Black case. Nuttin fancy but it works great. Apox 20 years old. I’m keeping the stuff inside.
  11. Ouch! How to F up a $3000 Python.

    Might as well. I hope the idiot learns how to center his work next time.
  12. SOLD .

    And it’s gone over one town away. Thanks for playing.
  13. Pin/weld muzzle brake job

    I didn’t do anything to any of mine and I’m not going to.
  14. School me on .223 and 5.56

    He’s been on ignore for a while now. 😝
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