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  1. Project Veritas #Expose2020

    I am sure they are nice fellows who would have eagerly have rounded up Jews for Hitler or killed independent, freedom minded folks for Stalin. People think it couldnt happen here, it IS happening, with the help of the useful idiot media.
  2. The President Trump Megathread

    He went there for his honeymoon. Only a hardcore Marxist goes to Soviet Union for honeymoon.
  3. WATCH: Armed Thugs Drive 100 Miles to Harass a Patriot at His Home Because He Visited Virginia Capitol

    I think he is someone willing to stand. Most aren't going to. He is better off getting this on record now so he can defend himself later if need be.
  4. Space Force unveils service uniforms with camouflage design

    Maybe someday, but it is the USAF thay owns all the space assets and has most of the space R&D facilities.
  5. Impeachment woes for the Dems

  6. Red Alert! Deep State Planning A False Flag In Virginia

    Does being "Dillusional" have something to do with Dill Pickles?
  7. Army Given Gun Confiscation Questionnaire

    It is also illegal to infringe on our right to bear arms, but that doesn't stop these Communist lunatics. They just need the power to do it.
  8. Who's looking to buy the 365?

    Sig has State compliant models in their just released 2020 catalog, XL and XL Zero are in there. Maybe MA availability soon if you are waiting for a MA compliant XL.
  9. NES-Themed Selector Switch Markings

    Capitalists - Socialists - Communists Safe - Fire - Dumpster Fire Safe - 4473 - Form 4
  10. Project Veritas #Expose2020

    He paid because he had to. None of that changes what ACORN was doing, it was stunning, and shut down because of the Project Veritas footage because it was all true and accurate.
  11. Project Veritas #Expose2020

    Okeefe always releases the whole thing at some point, and he never "selectively edits" to change meanings.
  12. Project Veritas #Expose2020

    The truth is the truth. You think Bernie really wants to make everything free for everyone? It is just a way to make stupid people vote for him, just like every other Commie in history.
  13. Project Veritas #Expose2020

    The true face of Communists like Bernie are right there in the open. He is no different from Stalin, not even a little bit.
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