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  1. ** WINNER: Speedway ** - KARMA: Go Green or Renew on me

    In please, Derek can give a membership to someone with you paying for it.
  2. Show me your Knives! ... do we have a knife thread yet?

    It'll be nice if a Mod could combine these two, been awhile since someone has posted on this one.
  3. Kershaw Knife Deal

    Not to hijack your thread but this guy has good deals on Kershaws too.
  4. Assault weapons ..

    Nope, just got called a bunch of names and never had the question answered. I should of known better
  5. Assault weapons ..

    I've spent a bit of time cruising anti pages on Facebook asking them to please define in their words what an "Assault Weapon" is....That went over well [rolleyes]
  6. New Acquisitions for March 2012

    Yup, they were only made for one year in the states. Dealers bought a bunch of them for that reason. Now they're just sitting in crates and being sold at cost.
  7. New Acquisitions for March 2012

    Not firearm related but....Picked up a brand new 2008 Suzuki B-King [smile]
  8. RI law protects shooters of intruders

    This is great news [smile]
  9. Red Jacket - Sons of Guns loses FFL

    I asked him about that tattoo. He said it stands for 'always carry a bible'
  10. Show me your carry rigs

    I can't tell time [laugh]
  11. Supply of Mosin Nagants drying up?

    Been seeing 91/30's online in the $80-$120 range. Seen some M44's awhile back in the high $100's low $200's.
  12. I Like Guns

    The 90's called and they want that saying back.
  13. Interview questions for LTC

    This It is
  14. squib round

    Or you can just load a blank and fire away.
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