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  1. Glock versus Sig P365.. Will Glock make anything equal/similar/better etc??

    Seems like you're overthinking it - shoot what works for you and don't worry about brand names.
  2. WTS S&W SW99

  3. Anyone heard from Frank this morning?

    I missed it but after playing a bit of catch-up that might be the most entertaining member since Jose or Scriv.
  4. Tec-9

    I get them in often, they always go quick. Same with the Cobray M-11's.
  5. Finding next of kin

    A friend's uncle went through a similar situation about 10 years ago, hired a P.I. to find the relatives and was successful in doing so.
  6. 17-year-old arrested in killing of 2 people in Kenosha

    Kid is impressive. In many ways.
  7. New family member (dog)

    Love it, makes me miss my buddy who passed a few years ago. Nothing better than a Golden(except for the hair everywhere [laugh] ).
  8. Has anyone bought a preban AR15 receiver lately, what do they sell for.

    Pre 94 lowers go for 800-1200 depending on condition, stripped/complete etc.
  9. Brookline Doctor Busted With Gun & Hooker

    Not sure how I missed this thread in Jan, but it's outstanding! I run around on the FB MA gun groups and feel like sticking my head in an oven when I see how defeated so many MA citizens are, they could use a heavy does of what Dr. Lu is prescribing.
  10. New Toy, Maxim 9

    Just need the auto sear and you'll have the perfect carry gun.
  11. FN 503

    It would be a good gun - in 2015.
  12. WTS Bernardelli Model 80

    Bernardelli Model 80 in .380, comes in original box with (1) mag. $260 cash, card payment adds 3% All laws followed
  13. WTS S&W SW99

    S&W SW99 in .40, comes with (5) 10 rd mags and original box. .40 - the venerable caliber that is favored by so many of the world's top.... Look it comes with 5 mags, ok? $450 cash, card payments add 3% All laws followed
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