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  1. I feel ashamed

    I shot my first Glock in 1985-1986. Hated it. Until they came out with the Model 21. They are an acquired taste.
  2. Check out this ridiculous FB post from a "Friend"....Added more pics.

    "Do you own two guns?" He would have a heart-a-stroke if some of us jumped on that thread!
  3. There are 2121 "Crimes" in Massachusetts.

    Its even a crime to threaten to commit a crime. So what if I threaten to threaten to commit a crime?
  4. Wassup with tomahawks?

    I have a made in the USA Estwing hawk. I keep it in the saddlebag for, uh, camping. Yeah, that's it.
  5. Carrying on motorcycle

    My Coronado vest secures my 4" 500 nicely.
  6. Couldn't stop laughing for awhile after reading this article

    I've seen it first hand. Not a pretty sight.
  7. Couldn't stop laughing for awhile after reading this article

    And what crime was committed necessitating a police response?
  8. Gun owner problems...

    I gave up on safes and just put a dead bolt on a room. If you can get by me, my wife and two American Bulldogs, you are welcome to the contents.
  9. Appendix Carry M&P Shield

    Check out Nice guy and great products. My cousin uses one of his holsters for his Shield. No regrets. If you email Dale with any questions, he usually answers promptly.
  10. Juvenile Burglar Shot And Killed When West Palm Beach Homeowner Returns Home

    Geez. If it's a media agenda, they just have to stop reporting these teen deaths. Just feed them to the gators and keep your mouth shut.
  11. Bad batch of cookies goes wrong in school

    Only in Massachusetts is it a crime to threaten to commit a crime...
  12. GSSF

    I miss those matches. Met a lot of great people. Jim Scouten, Wally Rauch and Mitch Rosen come to mind. They even had a drawing for a new Glock just for us Range Officers. Chris Edwards said he would do everything possible to make sure the winner would get his/her gun. Glock did certify their...
  13. IWB Knife and Sheath Recs

    Check out the Gerber Guardian Back Up. It can be had for about $50 on Amazon.
  14. Cap & Ball Revolver Legal?

    I believe that there is case law indicating an LTC is needed to carry. Don't quote me, my advice is worth what you pay for it.
  15. Any good knife training to be had around here?

    Tom Sotis in Rhode Island.
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