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  1. Solar Winds Hack....

    Thanks. We are doing that. We actually have a company on retainer for this sort of thing. They just discovered that besides the original SUNBURST hack we also have one called SUPERNOVA. They are fairly confident that SUPERNOVA piggybacked on top of the SUNBURST hack. SolarWinds is saying that...
  2. Solar Winds Hack....

    I got called back from vacation because of the SolarWinds hack. We run it where I work and we were on the affected version. We are going through remediation and forensics right now trying to estimate the scope. I didn't think that 2020 could suck any more than it did.
  3. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  4. renewal

    Applied 8 weeks ago and still waiting. License expired last week. In the past, I typically had my license in hand in under 3 weeks. PD told me that licenses have been taking longer and longer...state dragging their feet.
  5. Lost my dear wife

    I am very sorry for your loss Jack.
  6. Chainsaw bayonet on an AR 15

    Apparently, USA Today thinks that this is one of the possible modifications. Where do I get one?
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