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  1. open carry on your property?

    I had to pull my gun on a guy trying to break into my house last summer .... Since then I figured the cat was out of the bag and at least one member of the Criminal Community knew I had guns in the house, so I now open carry whenever I feel like it around my house ... I've OC'd while doing yard...
  2. Carrying and dressing like a good guy.

    Slight problem. While you were checking everyone else, I was stalking you the entire time. Next time check your six. [wink]
  3. someone with a gun in the Burlington Mall

    LOL! In effect … "We are reporting that armed militia with military grade weaponry have taken over the Burlington Mall". "Sooo .... you've actually seen paramiltary troops engaged in hostile action at the Mall". "No, we're just REPORTING that".
  4. Tough Mudder anyone???

    Yep. I'm in! I've already got a team (The Muckin' Fudders) otherwise I'd hook up with you guys ... We're running Saturday at 1030 am. Should be a great time ... I did the Spartan Race and Warrior Dash last Summer, which were a blast, but this one is loooking to be trip-quadruple the...
  5. Chicks Dig Guns

    Update to this .... had a pretty fun afternoon/evening teaching a nice girl how to shoot. She'd never touched a gun in her life and on her first target was getting compliments from the guys next to us on how nice her groupings were. The girl REALLY liked my AR, and when I showed her how the...
  6. Chicks Dig Guns

    I've been doing pretty well on the dating scene since I entered the fray at the beginning of September. First girl I dated discovered my CCW while we were 'getting to know each other' .... thought it was cool, had no problem with it, said she used to shoot but hasn't in awhile (Unfortunately...
  7. New Hampster bill would ease law on showing a gun

    Must be an election year, with a skyrocketing crime rate.
  8. Chinatown bat beatdown

    Pedigree sounds about right for an illiterate, mushmouth, Bostonian street thug. Shame shirtless didn't get a faceful of JHP.
  9. BigWarden

    Kind of you to offer … not necessary though. I was green for the past year, but bills have been...

    Kind of you to offer … not necessary though. I was green for the past year, but bills have been tight lately so I haven't gotten around to re-upping, but definitely will once the checks start coming in a little quicker than they're going out. All the best!
  10. Ayotte running for Senate

    NICE! Will be a shame to see her leave the AG seat in NH (does that leave it up to Governor Ed Grimley to appoint a replacement?) but if anyone has a shot at stopping Hodes' run I think she does (how could the liberals possible vote against a woman?). ETA: Whoa ... I somehow missed the whole...
  11. Huge win for Knife Rights

    The fact that we need legislation to protect the rights of humans to use one of mankind's earliest and most useful inventions (I'm talking about knives in general, not necessarily switchblades specifically) is just disgusting.
  12. My NH Pistol Permit....

    Hudson is currently experiencing some managerial issues … I think the C.O.P was fired or put on suspension for something or other … 5 Bucks said the guy that got your paperwork was some overzealous recent hire from across the Southern border who was used to the way things run in Mass. ETA: Oh...
  13. Senate passes measure to allow gun transport on Amtrak

    There's your answer to where these votes came from. If it were just another year, they'd be screwing us as usual. With their jobs on the line, they're looking at ways to make us think they're actually representing us for a change.
  14. Sportsmans Trading Co. Bad deal?

    All the bad press that store gets I'm amazed he's able to stay in business … I've never set foot in there after hearing virtually every account posted here as being a negative one. I guess he's able to screw over a certain amount of new customers every year without needing to try to convert...
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