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  1. Adjustable stock

    Collapsible stock is one of the "evil features". What about the adjustable stocks, ones that you have to use a tool to take out the hex screw, move to a new desired length and screw it back to lock the length in place? Is this compliant? I think collapsible stock is the one that you push a...
  2. Form 1 for SBR - documents to the CLEO

    I'm submitting my form 1 for an SBR via a trust. For documents to my CLEO, I noted of the following: one CLEO Copy of ATF Form 1 one CLEO Copy of ATF Form 23. The question is, do I need to send a copy of the trust to the CLEO as well? Thanks in advance.
  3. 71 year old Man shoots robbers

    What does Mass law say about this? Is this man allowed to do the same heroic action or will he be on trial?
  4. Obama to shoot down armed pilots

    I don't mind having armed pilots on my plane, but I also don't want airliners to take a toll from this program and file more bankruptcy resulting in less selections for my air travels.
  5. Magpul AFG locally?

    This shop here is in Everett/Malden area. It's the same thing they sell for airsoft and real steel.
  6. What is the most likely scenario...

    With my LTC being "Target & Hunting" restricted, am I allowed to grab my weapon from the trunk in an attempt to stop a bloody crime in front of me or I duck and call 911 like everybody else?
  7. Quincy man charged after guns found in car, home Read more: http://www.patriotledger

    So let me ask this question, unrelated to this story. What if a douchebag somehow saw you with a concealed carry pistol and decided to give you hell day (and many days after). All you did was bending over to pick up a piece of trash and he saw it. He'd call the police saying he saw you waving...
  8. Received my LTC Class A with restrictions

    First time applicant, 43 years old, married with kids, financially stable...were my answers to his questions.
  9. Received my LTC Class A with restrictions

    Picking your brain a little with the "Hunting and Target" restrictions, I am only allowed to transport my guns to and from hunting or target shootings. What if I want to sleep over somewhere near the hunting site or stop over a friend's house on my way back, am I in violation?
  10. Received my LTC Class A with restrictions

    Wow, I'm so glad I didn't wait until I move and apply in Braintree. That is so "red" or something close to it.
  11. Received my LTC Class A with restrictions

    Hey thanks for sharing. I now don't feel so bad that I'm the only one in Randoph with this restriction. Yes, I agree, the commander there was a nice guy. It struck me by surprise that I would get restrictions. Next question: what line do I approach him as a reason to expire my license after...
  12. Received my LTC Class A with restrictions

    I applied for LTC Class A with reasons "for all lawful purposes" and I got it with restriction "Target and Hunting". This is Randolph MA. I'm moving to Braintree MA in a couple months, so is there a chance for me to re-apply there or I must wait until 2017 for it to expire and re-apply for non...
  13. High end pistols with Double action

    Thanks Dradian. I'm looking into this handsome gun here, SW1911, made in MA so better be MA compliant :)
  14. High end pistols with Double action

    Does this apply to all other none MA compliant pistols? Like, I can't buy it through a dealer, but I can buy and own it through private sales?
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