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  1. NH College CCW Bill

    What he said. Ruger LCP + Uncle Mikes pocket holster = outta sight, outta mind. It's my preferred State House CCW method.
  2. HB125 "Firearms Freedom Act" passed in NH House

    Well, it was voted for by 2/3 of the members present (40 absent or not voting) this time around, which is what you need to override a veto. We'd have to wait to see how many people show up to try to override what would almost certainly be a Lynch veto.
  3. HB125 "Firearms Freedom Act" passed in NH House

    A few? Based on this vote, there are at least 240 of us in Concord. Maybe more... HB89: An act requiring the attorney general to join the lawsuit challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed the House last week, 267*-103. Anyone still feel like making the "New...
  4. HB125 "Firearms Freedom Act" passed in NH House

    I was proud to be one of the 240 state representatives who voted "yea" on the motion of "ought to pass" on HB125 (motion passed 240-120).
  5. Broadside with Jim B.

    I've written hundreds, if not thousands of words about this guy. He's hardly worth the effort anymore. He knows he can go on Boston talk radio and be treated like some kind for all-knowing expert on guns, and he knows no one will call him out for his lies and distortions. And, yeah, he always...
  6. Sig 522 Commando

    Don't know if anyone's posted about this one yet, but here's a look at the new Sig 522 Commando. A bunch of us toured the Sig Academy in Epping on Saturday and were given a little show-and-tell, including a chance to check out this new .22 that Sig's bringing to SHOT Show. Sig's rifle guy...
  7. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    Just noticed something. Have the people running the cafeteria in the State House been made aware of the food and drink ban? Anyone else think the Democrats, when shopping for "no guns allowed" stickers saw these stickers and thought "Wow! Four times the banning power for the same price!!!"?
  8. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    Journalism fail. It was December of 2009, which by my calculations was just about one year ago. And, "gun holding"??? All the guns I saw were holstered, and stayed that way. From my campaign website (like I'm gonna retype all that):
  9. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    Um...yeah. I kinda thought the phrase "vote on new House Rules" covered that. But feel free to replace "lawful" with "okey-dokey", "kosher", "fine n' dandy", or "just ducky". If it makes it better for you. As for the demise of the State House ban, we've more than covered the fact that...
  10. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE more pic This is what it looks like when you take the "free" out of "gun-free zone" and put it back in "Live free or die!" where it belongs. I love that it wasn't cut on a neat, straight line, so you can really tell there used to be more to that sticker.
  11. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    UPDATE: New House Rules were officially adopted this morning, permitting house members to carry their firearms on the floor of the house. And, I know you're going to have a hard time believing this, but the members of the opposition who spoke against this rule change invoked the safety of...
  12. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    That's NH State Representative Jenn Coffey. She's been one of the most pro-gun rights voices in the state. She was one of the folks responsible for getting the State House gun ban killed today. She also led the fight to legalize switchblades and other previously banned bladed implements.
  13. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    The knife in her right hand was used to cut away and scrape off the sticker in her left hand. There had been stickers on all entrances to the State House and Legislative office building across the street made up of four square sections showing no animals, no food/drink, no smoking, and no guns...
  14. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    And, tomorrow we vote on the new House Rules, at which time we'll make it lawful once again for lawmakers to carry firearms on the floor of the House.
  15. NH State House gun ban - UPDATE

    I think the "in MA" part answered your own question for you.
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