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  1. Healey: state, not local police, should issue gun licenses

    Looks like gun owners in Mass. have got a great candidate for Governor. Taking the decision out of local chiefs hands would be a milestone. Hopefully, discretion will go south with stripping the chiefs of their power and "shall issue" will be on the horizen. Now, support her and get her elected.
  2. CA animal rights group sueing Maine to end trapping

    Maine trapping It will probably be dismissed as frivolous. DFW can show it has done everything possible to prevent accidental trappings. This is about another group from outside of Maine trying to interfere with Maine's wildlife programs. First trapping, then hunting, then your guns........IN...
  3. Do you readily let others know of your gun hobby?

    That's just the point. It IS no different than any other t-shirt. You are attaching more importance on gun ownership than it deserves. It's no different than any other sport. It seems that some gun owners equate guns with the effects of Viagra. Greater manliness. It you don't think in a time of...
  4. Do you readily let others know of your gun hobby?

    I don't push my sport on anyone, the same as I don't push my views on anyone. If someone asks, I say I enjoy shooting recreationally. That's it, no further comment. I don't recall that ever happening, and I have a number of t-shirts from Beretta, H&K, and my fish and game club that I...
  5. GOAL Election Ratings

    The only thing a gun owner can do is support pro-gun candidates in his/her state, support national pro-gun candidates from his/her state, and vote for a pro-gun Presidential nominee. Everything else is out of your reach. None of them at the national level vote their constituents wishes anyway...
  6. GOAL Election Ratings

    Since Christy Mihos doesn't have a shot in Hell of winning, Healey would be my choice if I lived there. For no other reason than maintaining the status quo. As I've said, gun owners in Mass. will not live long enough to see any positive change in the gun laws no matter who is elected. Both GOAL...
  7. GOAL Election Ratings

    Isn't it amazing that a large number of Democrats running for the House and Senate are endorsed and highly rated by GOAL. Just reaffirms my belief that you can't put labels on people or Parties. Look's like all Democrats are NOT gun-hating, bleeding heart liberals.
  8. Combat Shooting

    None needed At my club, range officers are only present at scheduled events or team events. As my club is available 24/7 for indoor range use and from 9:00 AM on for outdoor use, it is usually member policed, which is how I, and fellow members, like it. Low-key atmoshere. I've been at clubs...
  9. Combat Shooting

    I went to my club's outdoor pistol range the other day with my favorite pistol, my H&K USP Compact 40. After shooting 50 or so rounds at 50 feet, I thought I would walk down range to about 15-18 feet for some draw and fire work. As no one else was at the club, I could do this safely. I loaded 5...
  10. what,Mass folks never seen open carry before..

    There is no way New Hampshire is turning into Mass., or ever will. The mind-set is completely different. The right to own firearms is contained in NH's Constitution. The state Reps and Senators are heavily stacked toward gun ownership, and the sheer number of gun owners in NH could easily boot...
  11. In waist holster recommendation?

    I think Galco makes the Bellyband. Check out their website.
  12. Isnt there a gun store around rt 1 in Salisbury/Seabrook MA?

    If you slide over to Plaistow on Rte. 125, you'll find Dave's Sporting Goods and Stateline Archery and Firearms. Both great gunshops within a mile or so from each other.
  13. What did you buy today?

    A crime???????????????
  14. Democratic candidates for Governor

    You better hope no Democrat gets elected. Mihos, although an unlikely Independent, is your best hope, with Healey the second, if only to maintain the status quo.
  15. What did you buy today?

    Be interesting to see what the final sales figures are. I see loads of people from Mass. in New Hampshire shopping every day, mostly on weekends. I don't think a tax-free holiday is any big deal, because people have come to New Hampshire regularly for years to make purchases without paying...
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