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  • Hi C-pher. Great to meet you at the show today. I wound up with some good buys and a new cool NES sticker!! Thanks a lot.
    Just wanted to make sure you had me down in the Hi point GB. Sent my payment vial paypal yesterday morning.
    Hey c- her im in on the group buy for the esse knives and i was doing some research on the knives and found a site called knife supply.com that has these knives for just about the same prices as the nes prices. I wonder if this site would give us an even bigger group buy discount than buying from esse direct.
    Just thought id pass the info along. Either way im in i just want 1 of these knives.....ha. Depending when payment is due i may get 2.

    thanks again for running this
    hey hope all is good.. Yes I'm back around. Out of my last relastionship.. in a new one with a wonderful woman!
    I'm readyt to jump in on the stock.
    Just a couple ?'s before I say yes.
    When will you need payment of the funds?
    If push comes to shove, I could do it with my play money. However, V day in early Feb will get into my pocket as my wife is special to me, but after that I'm gold.

    These stocks will need a milspec buffer tube (w/ buffer & spring) right?
    I mean these are not included with the stock.
    contact Rob asked to be added to his skywarn email list
    If youre interested in joining ARES you could get to go to the MEMA bunker or the NWS taunton office to volunteer to run the skywarn net once you get your ticket. Tom Kinihan N1CPE still leads the MEMA deployment group

    If you join the ARRL they have some awesome online training classes

    his contact info is below

    Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
    ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
    Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator

    Email Address: [email protected]
    Sorry, bad wording on my part. The shoot is on May 2nd. I need to know whos going one week before the shoot.
    Hey Chris, Im currently figuring out my Refi with Kim. Thanks for the info.....
    "so where did you get my name?" Well, Ive had some beers with this guy on an internet gun blog and recommended you.......
    what is the recipe! I am in the middle of what I remember...How much Garlic? Sugar?

    I picked up the vent kit that was made for that stove. 3" pipe, direct vent out the side of the house, with a 5 foot stack to get around my town regs to pipe above the ground. And to get them 4 feet from a window...

    Do you want to come over?? LOL! I'll buy beer.

    They said that they would deliver it for free, and place it in our basement. So we'll see

    My post was aimed at Nolookingbackwards's new wood stove. If you lived closer, I would love to come over!
    I was wondering if you have any insider info as to whether or not Bass Pro will be stocking relaoding components in the near future? I have been getting nowhere in my quest for an answer and had read that you worked there. -John L.
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