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  1. Model Train Fans ?

    I have quite an amount of model train "stuff", lots of Great Northern engines, cars, etc., including an engine I bought in the 1980's and never ran. As I am preparing for a move, I need to sell this stuff but have no idea of values. Is there anyone here, convenient to Cape Cod, who could help...
  2. WTS ?

  3. Morseth Hunting Knife

    This is an original Harry Morseth 5" blade knife, made in 1950. I obtained it from the original owner. The blade is marked Brusletto, Norway and has never been sharpened, only honed on a jewelers hone.
  4. Glock 17 or VP 9 ? Owners

    I don't own either, but have shot the VP9 and like it. However, I don't care for the mag release. The VP9B model with push button release is not Mass compliant, and when I spoke to H&K last summer, they said they would not submit it for testing.
  5. Places that you used to just go shooting and nobody gave a crap.

    Sand pit off Hamlin Street in Acushnet. Me and my buddies were about 12 years old. I don't recall who had the .22 rifle. Got stopped by a cop as we were walking down the street one Sunday with the rifle in plain sight. The officer let us know shooting was not allowed on Sunday, but we were...
  6. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    What a great thread! Brings back lots of memories. Chuck's Gun Shop, RT 40, Westford. The owner, Chuck Damico?, was quite a trapshooter and used to compete nationally. I got a great deal from him around 1967 on a Remington Wingmaster TC shotgun, and foolishly sold it in the 80's. I note...
  7. Mass. State Firearms Instructor Certificate

    Problem solved. I found it.
  8. Mass. State Firearms Instructor Certificate

    I misplaced my instructor certificate, but I do have an older one with my Cert. Number, etc. How do I obtain a copy of my current certificate ?
  9. Delete

    License ? What license ? All that's required is to be at least 18 years old. And I definitely qualify.....
  10. Delete

  11. Barnstable Officials Hope to reopen range

    The Barnstable range has been closed for what ? 7 years ? Hard to believe it will ever reopen after all this time and all the issues, factual or not. Once the lawyers got involved, it was all downhill. Several years back the town had plans to reopen it using paid range officers and was...
  12. Ammo Collectors ? Hornady Illuminating Trajectory .45acp

    This is tracer like ammo, but not incendiary. It gives a visible white light trajectory and was developed for training purposes. It has been out of production for years. I have one full box of 20 rounds, hate to shoot it. Any collector interest ?
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