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  1. Talk to me about skydiving in MA or NH

    I did it at Pepperal and it was awesome...I didn't get the video....wish I did
  2. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    joined and donated...
  3. When In Prague

    with transportation and access to guns that the typical EU person can't ever touch..not a bad deal...besides the more people that shoot the better even if its slightly over priced
  4. My new custom Sling Bag is on its way!!!!

    If I was in the market for any type of custom work this guy would make the list...he obviously cares about his finished product and gives it lots of thought...he's not just pumping crap out...
  5. precision point firearms

    Hmm yes we all know that there is a shortage of ammo/guns now and yes sellers/shops can be curt/dicks and still sell out of everything...but when things change and inventory is plentiful again (hopefully not wishful thinking) customers will remember who was a dick or not and choose to spend...
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