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  1. Deals and steals

    Same here. Why not?
  2. Knightscope 'armed' security robots ... got gun, cell phone you've been hacked

    Holy zombie post! Apparently, the job is very depressing. View: https://youtu.be/yndLMUcygh0
  3. Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association Semi-offical thread

    Yeah. I was wondering about that myself. Haven’t seen one in the mail. Not a big deal so long as the keycard still works.
  4. *Alleged Theft at Shooter's Outpost Caught on Camera

    Shooters makes you lower your mask and face the camera before entering the store. Well, at least they did when I went there a few weeks ago (maybe I just look suspicious?)
  5. Is S&W retarded?

    Lol. I meant in terms of quality, accuracy, etc. Some have slightly better triggers (not in Mass), but unless you get into competition specific versions, they are mostly shit. Ergonomics is extremely personal. But I won’t judge someone by the brand of lego gun they carry. Just that they carry a...
  6. Is S&W retarded?

    Well, my striker SD guns are mostly free state .45 M&Ps (with the exception of a P365 in 9mm, which I hate). Carry the Shield 45. All work great, reasonably accurate, and eat any ammo I feed them. As far as I’m concerned, the plastic guns are all interchangeable, regardless of maker. I’m not...
  7. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Sealed Steel ammo can is a big no no. Yes it’s a bomb. I’m sure someone can link the SAAMI storage standards, but basically a wood cabinet/locker with 1in walls and pressure relief (weak door/lid) works. And keep the primers and powder separate. The jugs are actually designed with fire safety...
  8. School me on modern Springfield M1A's

    In stock right now: https://www.massfirearmsshop.com/springfield-armory-socom-p-5034.html
  9. Target Sports Mystery Box

    At least you got ammo.
  10. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Just checked. OOS at TSUSA. Shame.
  11. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Ammo can, yes. No ammo. Not sure what I need a grenade pouch for either!
  12. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Ooh! My first Target Sports tactical lanyard. What a gift! Squeeeee!
  13. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Mine arrives today. Can't wait for the tactical lanyard that most here had to overpay for ammo to get! Given that I've turned off the auto renew on my Prime, I'm surprised to be getting anything at all.
  14. Duffle Bag Full Of Guns Found Buried In Backyard

    I’m going to guess that they weren’t buried in anticipation of later retrieval. More likely that they were used in a crime and “disposed of” in this yard.
  15. New Acquisitions for February 2021

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