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  1. Tips for Flying with Firearms for the First Time

    It is super easy and the folks at the customer service counter are super professional. Not gonna lie, got a bit of a woody when I took my scar 17 out of the case in the Jet Blue terminal to show them it was unloaded. I had around 40 folks behind me and was wearing a suit, LOL. BTW a SCAR is a...
  2. Gen Z/ Millennial Nurse asks for discount coffee at Walpole Cumberland Farms.

    Yikes, lots of nurse hate here. I am going to guess you guys are confusing nurse aids, CNAs, LPNs, and other nurse support positions within healthcare. My wife RN-BSN (4 year college degree) worked part-time at a nursing facility and she was the only registered nurse overseeing dozens of...
  3. Green Card Renewal

    Just an update, received my C&R yesterday so I dropped off my no excuses completed renewal at the PD today. I have to say the Dept of Justice folks were wonderful getting my renewal completed in a timely manner. As always, my local PD is helpful. Hopefully, I will get my temp license in the...
  4. Green Card Renewal

    Thanks for the advice, I just sent an email to my examiner at the ATF. I will see what he says on lead times and then speak with my chief of police. As long as I get the green card app in before expiration, I should be legally ok I think. I will not travel with said firearms until I receive...
  5. Green Card Renewal

    So I am in a little pickle. My gun hobby has really taken a back seat to kids, work and other hobbies so I have not paid as much attention to it. I was looking in my wallet and my green card expires in 7 weeks. I also figured out that my C&R expired. As far as I know, I needed a C&R to get...
  6. Power equipment quality; Big Box store vs. Local mom/pop shops

    Here is an example of a garden tractor. Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mowers TS 354X Notice the "ground engaging" nomenclature. You are spending $3000-$4000 for something that will last. Right now I have a zero turn and a diesel tractor, so I am not really up to date with the current garden...
  7. Power equipment quality; Big Box store vs. Local mom/pop shops

    Absolute BS, companies are not going to track parts based on the same model number but different serial numbers. Just FUDD so the local shop owners can still afford their lake houses. That being said, for anything with hills I would avoid any box store tractor that is not a ground engaging...
  8. 9mm 1911 decision question

    I had the Smith and Wesson pro series in 9mm for a while and it was a super fine gun. I upgraded to the performance center 1911 in 45 and sold my 9mm. Chris
  9. Multiple Reports of Glock Sear Arrests by ATF

    This is just a stark reminder of the lack of usable science and math education in today's society. Anyone with a milling machine and lathe can produce pretty much anything they want. Any chinese prison camp can turn out any weapon parts they want. We should not be surprised. Chris
  10. Classified translator

    "It is going on consignment next week, LOL."
  11. Hunting target scope for SCAR 17s?

    This scope is the real deal, this is my sighting in target at 50 yards. This is 10 shots off a rest. The 100 and 200/300 yard range will have to wait for the next trip. The Scar is the softest shooting .308 I have ever shot. The trigger is quite possibly worse than the trigger in the Tavor...
  12. Guy shooting gun out car window on 95

    THere should be common sense laws to cover this!
  13. Reloading Makers' Space

    I think it is an interesting idea, but the cost barrier to entry for making ammunition is really not all that high. $1000 and you are in business. Now if you bought an autoloader that could crank out thousands of 9mm or 38super pretty quickly to custom specifications you could be on to...
  14. Bernie Sanders enters 2020 presidential race

    What is that old saying, "if you are not a liberal under 25 you have no heart and if you are a liberal over 25 years old you have no brain?" Once you are punched in the face with supporting yourself, you get real conservative real fast. Chris
  15. Bernie Sanders enters 2020 presidential race

    The democrats did not learn from last time. Expect for the gimmie-dats and the self-loathing ultra-wealthy, no one wants a socialist democrat in the white house. Chris
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