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  1. .40 reloads for USPSA Major - any recommendations

    Great info here! Thanks everyone for taking the time to help me out. I've found some titegroup and ordered some 180 grain xtreme plated bullets. Based on the books it seems like about 4.4 grains will get me to pf. I'm running extended mags so someone suggested I load a little shorter. So...
  2. .40 reloads for USPSA Major - any recommendations

    Thanks every one!
  3. .40 reloads for USPSA Major - any recommendations

    Buying a Glock 35 - any recommendations on a reload formula for USPSA Major? Thanks!
  4. WTS movado and rado watches

  5. WTS movado and rado watches

  6. WTS movado and rado watches

  7. WTS movado and rado watches

    $200 - $1000 depending on the watch. All have recent new batteries from the jewelry store. I used to collect watches but find myself only wearing the same 5 or so. Located in central MA. Pm for more pics of the watch you are interested in. Thanks! Red rado $1000 Gold bezel...
  8. Carrying in the woods - caliber choice with various round counts

    Hiking and hunting in the woods from PA to Maine what would you recommend for carry... A gun with: 5 rounds of 357 7 rounds of 40 15 rounds of 9mm Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. How to video on modifying M&P magazine followers

    Tim, Thanks for this posting - its going to save me a bunch of aggrevation in matches. I was lazy though - I cut the followers with cutting pliers. The cut is not as clean as if I used a dremel but it was really quick and easy with less mess. I cut a bit more than you showed and it still...
  10. Sub 2000 legal

    The sub 2000 is a great gun. Especially for the price. Super accurate out to about 50 yards. It feels kind of cheap but works flawlessly - though I don't like that the breach doesn't stay open after the last round in a mag goes through it. One of the most fun guns I have shot. You can't...
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