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  1. Monadnock & NES needs your help

    Sent. Once my house sells in MA, I'll send more.
  2. WTS Steel Retail Shelving Section, 4-ft wide, Six 18-in deep shelves - $100

    WTS: One 4-ft standalone section of steel shelves I got from a Sports Authority that was closing. Six clean and rust-free shelves, with pegboard backing, and wall brackets to prevent tilting. $100. Pickup in Blackstone MA. When assembled it will look like this...
  3. What firearm of yours makes you most happy the 2'nd Amendment exists

    The one that just fell over the side of my boat.
  4. Hazmat gear and masks

    Masks: Sperian Opti-fit. Pretty much have cartridges for anything... CBRN, tear-gas, breaking bad. Suits: TyChem QC and TyChem SL suits, level B.
  5. FBI Agent shoots man in the leg after dropping gun in nightclub

    Almost as good as the guy last week who shot himself in the junk. He holstered his shirt in with his Glock, bent over, and adios muchachos. VIDEO: Holstered Pistol Discharges...Negligent or Accident? - The Truth About Guns
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