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  1. My Bushmaster - Thoughts?

    It absolutely was ammo related... and no fault of the operator, either. Fortunately he was ok. Overpressure round, bolt didn't unlock, gas returned into the upper with no where to go (because the bolt didn't unlock) and blew up the gun. It obviously blew out the bottom of the magazine and upon...
  2. My Bushmaster - Thoughts?

    Bushmaster: That's MY hand in those pictures... not taken from some other forum somewhere. I'm all set with Bushmaster. Just my .02
  3. How do you handle selling a gun ftf at a range?

    If he wants to shoot it, he can pay for the range time and the ammo that you provide. Unless it's some relic of a firearm with questionable condition, there's no reason to need to shoot it first, IMO.
  4. Trigger Job Info Needed

    Another vote for Lou at BEC... He did the trigger on my M&P 45 (before it was mine) and it is lights out compared to the stock trigger. And much better for the money when compared to the APEX kit. YMMV.
  5. The system "Works" according to Gemme of Worcester PD

    Doh. Oh well. Should have searched harder. Sorry mods.
  6. The system "Works" according to Gemme of Worcester PD

    Suspect links pellet gun to denial of permit for real gun - Worcester Telegram & Gazette - telegram.com *sigh*[rolleyes] ETA - Don't think this is a dupe
  7. LE/Military marked mags

    I THINK that Chief Glidden put down his interpretation that mags with reference to LEO shall be treated like you would any civilian. In other words, Cops don't get personal high cap mags just because of their title. They have to be issued through the employing Dept. That said, Glidden's newest...
  8. Your source for MOLLE Pouches/Holsters/Hydration, etc'?

    +1 for the blue force gear stuff... that new helium whisper stuff is the business! skdtac is also a great place to order from... excellent customter service
  9. Show us your AR's built from NES lowers

    Not the greatest pic, but here's what one of my lowers turned into: Mk12 Mod0 (ish) Anvil Arms matching upper and lower Centurion Arms 18" SPR barrel Ops Inc Muzzle Break Troy BUIS Nightforce NXS 2.5-10 Scope in Larue mount Harris/Larue Bipod Daniel Defense LPK LMT Sopmod Stock...
  10. 1 Punch Death, 3 Months In Prison

    I saw an incident similar to this happen in college. At a bar a kid gets into it with a drunk townie, townie decks the kid, causing him to fall back and crack his head. Dead. Really sad story, as the kid was a stand up dude and the townie was, well, not. I'm not sure how "uncommon" this is, but...
  11. Great proof that guns stop crime

    Just sayin'...
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