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    Where is this section? I've been looking for it for years....I swear you guys keep moving it around on me.
  3. save your pennies Mass. hunters...

    But they already do that now. What say do we have? We aren't allowed to hunt on Sundays, in the WMAs we've funded, so people can walk their dogs on the weekends
  4. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    Are we putting in a CNC machine?.... Because that would be dope!
  5. UMass Memorial question

    Not sure about prohibiting carry, but they will take a knife at the metal detectors upon entry to the ER. So, they will definitely be taking a firearm. Whether or not you get shiny silver bracelets, I'm unsure about.
  6. Ice fishing season...a little late but I finally got out.

    While that is somewhat humorous, you breathe out on the way up because taking in a breath of compressed air at depth will expand as you rise in the water column. If you hold it, you run the risk up rupturing the alveoli in your lungs as that breath expands on the way up. The bends is more...
  7. New to MA; LTC or FID?

    No banging your wife?
  8. New to MA; LTC or FID?

    Born and raised in MA. Knowing what I know now and if I were in your shoes, I would move to NH and do the commute. Also, we're full blown covid. Are you going to be working remote for the next couple of years, or are you required to go into the office?
  9. Cutting oil?

    Same as others above. Dark thread cutting oil. I believe oatey brand is what I picked up...
  10. Vaccine Poll

    Very cogent and thought out response. You've summarized some of my thoughts more succinctly than I could have. I'm more concerned with schools mandating vaccinations on something that hasn't been tested for even a year. What are the long term affects in 10 years, or all the autoimmune concerns...
  11. 12/9/20 - Gun Control First for Biden Executive Orders

    I thought we've been assured time and time again they nobody is coming for our guns?
  12. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    Yes, I'll give it another go. Probably test it on a chicken the next time.
  13. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    I had brined my bird. probably the only thing that saved the meat
  14. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    My wife was fine with it. The breast meat was ok, so it's not like her and the kids starved. The underside meat was actually great. Drumsticks we're toasty though. She knew it was a gamble since it was our first time cooking a turkey and then also the first time frying. Live and learn. I will...
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