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  1. Non CCL holder as Visitor at a Range

    Its sad when a question like this has to be asked. Nothing against the original poster. Its time we all live as a free person and enjoy life.
  2. Current C&R Processing Times 5/2022

    I forgot to send in my renewal so I applied with the standard downloaded form, sent it in and got a new license back in a week.
  3. 1943 bnz (Steyr) K98

    Solid Steyr Tim. I still have to get a Steyr, BSW and and Erma to have all of the factories. That has been on the back burner though as I keep getting pulled into the G/K43 direction. I have 11 of those now. Hope all is well Tim!
  4. Pack and Postal store info

    I remember years ago checking out the place. I saw an ad for a BNZ44 K98. I went to see it and an older gentleman showed it to me but it wasn't what I was looking for. I asked what else they had and the older gentleman did everything to discourage me from looking at your inventory. I did not...
  5. Tell me about .41 Magnum.

    My 41 magnum Ruger Blackhawk Bisley
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