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    Bobs Tactical in Salisbury
  2. Justice Kavanaugh

    This whole thing pisses me off to no end.. Where I live...they used to call it getting to first base.. I do relies that I am old...but wthf...
  3. Stun Gun Challenge (Martel v. Healey)

    I find it funny that on page 13, Her office infers to the use of tasers as torture, Unless used by trained law enforcement.
  4. Holliston man accused of collecting weapons, threatening attacks on Muslims, Obama

    Sounds like a pissed off wife to me...I know because it happened to me..
  5. Looking to Shoot my Barrett 50 cal

    Seabrook NH range if you have a friend/resident..I have fired mine there..
  6. Obama changes HIPAA rules to report "unstable" patients to NICS

    I wonder how many State and federal people could be banned for not being able to manage their finances ? A police officer goes bankrupt ?
  7. MA H3476 definition of "Replica Firearms" UPDATE Bill "dead" for this session

    With the correct replica marking..Would that remove the probable cause for the police to even check to see if it is real..?
  8. Is my MA ltc reciprocal in NH?

    My question would be,If you are denied a LTC in mass for sutability,Yet have an FID,Can you still get a Non Resident C.C. permit for NH???
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