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  1. Ammo Shortage

    It’s really simple. People are hoarding because others are hoarding. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy I bought 14 cases because knew ammo would be impossible to find for the next 3 years. With my new ammo added to my existing, I have enough that I don’t worry about practicing or having enough...
  2. Ammo Shortage

    A message to me today from the owner of Black Hills ammo: "We are further behind than we ever were...orders coming in so fast there is no way to keep up."
  3. Ruger Precision .22lr

    Thanks Steve!
  4. Ruger Precision .22lr

    IF you want a gun that is called precision, buy Ruger. IF you want a gun that actually shoots with precision, buy Vudoo
  5. Wes Doss officer in need of help

    I knew he was ill, but didn't know that he passed. Thanks for letting us know
  6. How to get as close to a real MP5 as possible?

    You can get a real one as a manufacturer with a SOT :) Mine is the most fun gun I own
  7. Indiana eliminates license to carry permits.

    First is far more important than accurate. It is better to look good than to feel good - Fernando Lamas
  8. Indiana eliminates license to carry permits.

    Looks like OP came to a conclusion without the benefit of reading. I came to the same conclusion after reading the headline, but I continued, I exerted myself and actually read the article. The struggle and sweat was real, but I was able to soldier on to reach the end. The facts inexplicably...
  9. Geriatric Gun Control Crusader Rages On Against Americans’ Second Amendment Rights

    Getting rid of her won’t matter. The voters will elect another stupid, corrupt politician to replace her. The politicians are not the problem, the stupidity of the voters is.
  10. ATF at it again TommyBuilt Tactical T36

    ATF is a domestic terrorist organization
  11. Canadian Court Rules Gun Maker Smith & Wesson Can Be Liable for 2018 Shooting

    We will be bombarded with this stuff until judges are held liable for their stupidity, prosecutors are held liable for malicious and political prosecution, plaintiffs are liable for frivolous lawsuits and politicians are jailed for lying. In other words, it will never stop.
  12. Canadian Court Rules Gun Maker Smith & Wesson Can Be Liable for 2018 Shooting

    Judge Paul Perrell didn't include smart brain technology that restricts stupidity. He should be disbarred
  13. Cambridge Police To Drop Camouflage Uniforms, Reduce Long Gun Inventory

    The stupidity of the left never ceases to amaze me.
  14. Ammo Scalping Article with Kittery Trading Post Interview

    Buying ammo for $15 and selling it for $45 is capitalism. No different than buying and selling stocks. Selling something for $100, taking orders, canceling the orders, then reselling it for $200 (as the concept was described by someone else post) is pure scum. I backordered 14,000 rounds of...
  15. Ammo Scalping Article with Kittery Trading Post Interview

    He's trying to justify his hate for people who bought ammo when it was available because he didn't.
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