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  1. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Unsolved Mysteries. No Robert Stack but still decent.
  2. Today's racist item Megathread

    Slave Owner and Commander. This is a family site. Don’t be showing your yinyang on here. No one wants that!
  3. Businesses that went bankrupt during Coronavirus pandemic

    Imagine the shock of the guy that thought of that name. Yep. There are a ton of companies selling just plain t-shirts. Plain t-shirts. ???? “Oh yeah. We got t-shirts. Huh? Awesome, right??” ahort of not making them to fit a house, who really cares. I’ve owned $10 t-shirts and $40 r-shirts...
  4. Anyone see the Stealth Bomber?

    Seen it??? I touched one! They are a lot smaller from 2’ away. Huge at 100 yds away. It’s like the Dr Hoo of planes.
  5. Most fireworks I've ever heard.

    Pulled my back out fishing this morning. Went home and skipped the show at the lake. Wife stayed. Said it was too windy to have any fun. But lots of noise at home. Meh.
  6. NURX ad blows...

    Sure, if you like dating cows. The animal, I mean. Shouldn’t they call in NURK’T? “you pregnant?” “Nah. Just my Coronavirus diet. Babies? I NURK’T em.”
  7. Breaking: 7/3/20: - 5:00 pm = South Shore Plaza Mall Shooting

    Have any of you been to SSM in the last five years? You might be one of the few English speakers. Not that that is bad. Lots of upper middle class first-gens shop there.
  8. Michigan Couple charged with assault

    Whole lot of stupid on that confrontation.
  9. If it wasnt for stupid laws

    No stupid laws? Probably a .22 machine gun - only because it’s cheapish. and a SBR. That’s a stupid law. Very stupid.
  10. Hey You Patriot NFL Sportsball Fans

    I’m thinking the Camptown Ladies scene from Blazing saddles.
  11. Lake Orion Chipotle Incident

    You bumped me so you rassis????
  12. Now it's subpoenas for Contact Tracing

    Yeah. Basically this. Sometimes people are just overly paranoid. "They aren't after tehCorona. They're after my blood, dude! The government is aliens man!" It's like Hyde from That 70's Show. See, here is the problem. Some dolt goes to OG that has tehCoronaVirus (see my post above about...
  13. Seattle Police "finally" disperse CHOP!

    Didn't you read the threads on NES??? There was no crime. Everyone was rushing to get in and buy stuff from stores that were in the CHAZ. It was all hippie love with a capitalist slant. And NO ONE lived in the area. Not a single person. ;) Damn. It's almost noon. My sarcasm goes up as...
  14. In Somerville More Is What Matters!

    I have been saying this for years upon years. At some point, we are going to be able to insure anyone under our plan. Sister? Brother? Hot stepmom??? Although Obamacare did a good job of making it all moot anyhow. I mean, if this is 1995 and I've got a rare-disease-ridden sister, I...
  15. Alexa, we need guns. Lots of guns

    Oh yeah. Let's let Alexa decide if I live or die. "I've found 68 recipes online for buns. Do you want me to list them?" "I've added 'buns' to your grocery list." "Thanks, I'm having fun, too. Want to hear a joke?" "Sorry, 'hun.' I'm spoken for. Do you want me to look up matches on...
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