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  1. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    My opinion is to delete all your alerts and start from scratch. I was not receiving any but after I "reset" them all was good.
  2. Ghost Gun used in Middleboro Shooting

    Gun was in the glovebox? Was it loaded? Was the glove box locked? But no improper storage or transportation charges?? So many questions.
  3. How long has shipping ammo to Mass been outlawed??

    Apparently nobody
  4. How long has shipping ammo to Mass been outlawed??

    Yup, I was pretty disappointed that anyone with GOAL would say such nonsense.
  5. Selling ammo in MA
  6. How long has shipping ammo to Mass been outlawed??

    I guess I completely missed the boat on this one. Thanks to GOAL for keeping me safe! (sarcasm)
  7. Selling ammo in MA

    You ever hear of a street level drug dealer getting charges with selling without a license? Did you miss the part about GOAL stating that shipping ammo or components to Mass was illegal??? They are a bunch of pussies scaring people into paying money to take their classes on law.
  8. Selling ammo in MA

    .....have revealed what pussies they can be.
  9. Why is .357 Sig the redheaded stepchild of handgun ammunition?

    I don't understand why 357SIG is not more popular. I also don't understand why police departments/agencies carry 9mm. 357SIG delivers all it promises while 9mm just promises to deliver.....then bounces off a car window.
  10. that backup gun for competition, totally unnecessary, right?

    Hope the backup doesn’t go down. Would suck shooting in CO with iron sights.
  11. East Bridgewater Man doing time on gun charges.

    Don’t ever let the man into your home.
  12. Grab and go - 10 round pmag storage options

    I’d get these. I just checked with a 10rnd Pmag and it works fine. Does not go any deeper than you want. And they’ll be there for when you get standard mags. Ten-Speed Double M4 Mag Pouch
  13. Help I’d this round

    I thought everything was $3.00 per round on Gunbroker?
  14. New Guns versus Ammo and Reloading Supplies.

    Your friends must have seen the post about the G man cruising around to clubs and giving ammo away.
  15. Sig Pro Shop Ammo?

    That’s surprising to hear but there is also people that think Glocks are illegal in Mass. I‘ve not had a problem having bulk ammo or reloading components shipped to Mass. And that’s from some of the larger names in the business and at or below common pricing.
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