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  1. Karma: (Winner is PJ150) Take a friend shooting | 500 rounds of .22

    Post #11 PJ150 is the winner of the Karma
  2. KARMA - 1-year NES Green Membership

    In - just realized I’m not green (lol)
  3. Karma: (Winner is PJ150) Take a friend shooting | 500 rounds of .22

    Karma: 400 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt .22LR and 100 Rounds of Aguila Colibri. (Super slow .22. Won’t cycle a semi) The worst part of any gun / ammo buying frenzy is nobody has “extra” to take a friend or teach that youngster how to shoot. So, take some of mine and take a friend or kid to...
  4. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Nope, but all the connections I need to do it correctly.
  5. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    I haven’t seen many places you can just order up a case of 6.5 at normal prices, I know my brother has been searching for a while. I can’t say as though I’ve searched, so glad to hear it’s out there. Meh on barrel life. If you can afford to shoot through $4k worth of ammo a new barrel to spin...
  6. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    I made a decision between 6mm Creedmoor and 6.5 Creedmoor when ordering my American Rifle Company Nucleus rifle in the spring... Looks like 6mm Creed was the right call!Two more cases of Prime 6mm on the way. Time to head to gunbroker and get rid of the rest of my small pistol primers and xm855...
  7. 6mm, Semi- Automatic Rifle in MA

    Not a gasser but - https://www.americanrifle.com/shop/product/r-m9g2-tsr-473-20-6-5cm-nucleus-gen-2-0-rifle-1200?category=26
  8. Ruger Precision Rifle V/S Tikka T3X TACT A1

    American Rifle Company Nucleus Rifle ;) I can’t think of a better way to spend $2500. Ok, back to the question at hand... Ruger. The Tikka is better quality out of the box, but you will save a bit on the Ruger while you find out if you really like “precision” rifle. If you don’t, great (I...
  9. Rimfire Precision 8/9/20

    Sign ups needed?
  10. Practice for my first PRS Match - Update - Match Results!

    Reading your posts is inspiration for those of us (ok, me) on the outside looking in... Sort of a PRS - Get Off Your Damn Couch And Go F’in Shoot Challenge
  11. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    One thing is for sure (in my mind at least) we will for certain have a mental defective elected to office in November... I doubt it will be Trump
  12. Cabelas

    Guns, fishing equipment, kayaks, RVs, camping gear... if it’s outdoor related it’s been gone a while
  13. Buying Land for a Private Range, NH

    Those are true friends
  14. Tikka T1X vs CZ 457 Varmint

    I have the CZ-455 “Tacticool” model. It is a solid gun, but a mass produced gun just like the Tikka. I think the Tikka has a nicer more refined feel to it, but accuracy is similar with either being a solid performer. There have been a number of solid accuracy tests on both, and seems clear that...
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