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  1. WTS Nosler Custom Comp 155gr 308 bullets, box of 1000

    WTS 1 x 1000 Nosler 155 custom comp bullets in 30 cal. Asking $275, plus the ride if you can't pickup locally in Norwood ($15 flat rate usps) View: Thanks for looking
  2. 308 Garand Donor

    Stripped the rifle and spun the barrel off today. Just ordered a barrel from CMP. Going to rent the reamer sometime next week. View:
  3. trump TV; his own television station

    TL;DR, Trump had a temper tantrum when Fox reported Arizona's vote and now wants to make his own network where he can report his own version of fake news. Yeah, I was 12 once too.
  4. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    Dunno, this is just my opinion. I see too many guys sh-t talking their "awful" hand scores even before they get up and shoot, and then big surprise, they go down in flames. I used to hate / fear standing. But now when I am having a bad day, or need to relax, I go to my range and shoot 20 rounds...
  5. 308 Garand Donor

    Nice thing about 308 vs 30-06 is same bullet, primer, powder - just different cases (and dies).
  6. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    Off topic and not directed at you, but the first step to shooting a good standing score is to stop calling it Awfulhand. This entire thread is excellent, but post 66-70 speak to standing...
  7. 308 Garand Donor

    Exactly, because 308. I already have a 30-06 CMP Games Garand and would never have the time to shoot another '06 Garand.
  8. 308 Garand Donor

    I have this 4.3 SA that I acquired many years ago. It's beautiful, but the end of the barrel and into the bore is pitted. That's how I got it. Everything appears correct and the stock/TG has amazing lockup. Considered selling it, but then came to the conclusion it would be a good 308 conversion...
  9. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    1903-A3 It's a laser beam and the bolt is so smooth.
  10. 2020 CMP M1 Garand Clinic OCSA , SEASON is OVER

    Couldn't make the match this last sunday, but I did get to swing by Camp Perry earlier this week... View:
  11. Quincy MA restriction

    Keep it short and simple. Or you can sell your house, maybe find a new job, say bye to friends and family and move to NH just so you don't have to do this dance every 6 years.
  12. Gun, ammo shortage. problem

    Thinking, most new covid gun owners get by with the 1-2 factory mags provided with their gun. I think that most of us here have essentially a lifetime supply of mags. I know I do.
  13. AR9 barrel nut grease

    Like I read on another forum "Anti Seize is just grease with a bunch of other stuff in it" I did a barrel the other week and used anti seize for the barrel nut and also the the barrel extension. Don't overthink this one..
  14. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    @Matt-CZ , no CMP this year at Braintree.
  15. Subaru head gaskets leaking

    The A4 is 50/50 f/r. I have a B7, it's fun to drive. IIRC, A3s and other smaller audis are front biased. No thanks.
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