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  1. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    That is DISTURBING imagery.
  2. Ibejihead coated bullets still in business?

    Yes, they are in business. They make bullets and ship them; they are not chatty communicators. Three months ago they shipped a 12k piece order in something like 4 weeks, promptly issued the quantity discount, etc. Couldn’t ask for more.
  3. Eye & ear protection for indoors?

    Like hi Like highlander, Peltor & prescription safety glasses. However, to some extent it depends on the indoor range. Some ranges are like shooting inside a concrete cistern, i.e., wickedly loud, and I double up with custom earplugs under the Peltors. Other ranges have walls, celing, and...
  4. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Really? We need this imagery why?
  5. Range near Milford, MA?

    You’re in Uxbridge? Hopkinton is a much easier drive than MFS in Holliston. ~ 25 minutes to Hopkinton, less if a heavy foot.
  6. Best LGS near Milford

    Straight back off the street, and it’s on the second floor of the two-story building on your right.
  7. Selling a firearm on the forum.

    The OP wrote "posted a firearm for sale in the past." And given a 2005 join-up date, one might assume the OP was a "green" member sometime in the past.
  8. Recommendations for revolver refinish

    Mike sends guns out of state for nickel stripping. At least three or four years ago, that is. He was still doing hot blueing himself. Something about MA environmental/regulatory restrictions on chemicals for the stripping operation.
  9. Can't log in from iPhone

    Thanks for the reminder(s). Fixed. I had cookies blocked. Unblocked cookies and it works again.
  10. Can't log in from iPhone

    I can't log in to NES from my iPhone. I enter my user name, enter password, click LOGIN, and nothing happens. It continues to display the LOG IN in the menu, and indeed I‘m clearly not logged in. When I purposefully mistype either user name or password, I get the expected warnings and failure...
  11. Spohr Revolvers

    Yep. See Nighthawk: Korth Revolvers | Nighthawk Custom
  12. FN Hi Power - It’s Back!

    My understanding from what has been published is that the "new Hi Power" has a unique mag design, wholly different than those for "old Hi Power."
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