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  1. Bullerproofzone MICH Helmet

    Eastern european steel helmets are 30 bucks a pop and just as good as your fancy rags.
  2. Field Day 2022

    Yah, gonna do it with my 4-year old, haven't figured out the exact plan yet.
  3. 21 killed, 18 injured in shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

    Holy f***, I want to hear this story!
  4. Roll Call: 126th Boston Marathon on April 18th

    Who's in?
  5. Ukraine Deployment Packing List

    If you show up with a medkit in an ambulance as a driver, you'll prob do far better than the horseshit that you wrote up in the first post.
  6. Ukraine drafting women

    Queen Elizabeth II drove a truck during WWII. Same here, lots of logistical support is gonna be needed.
  7. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    f*** me.
  8. S&W Introduces the new SHIELD EZ 30 SUPER CARRY in the new 30 SUPER CARRY Caliber

    In other words, yet another flat shooting 7.62 by another name.
  9. Marathon 2021

    That was a great event! If you're scared to press the PTT, you should definitely volunteer next time, there's lots of new hams on the job. And the volunteer jackets this year are NICE.
  10. Marathon 2021

  11. Get your GOEX black powder now, Hodgdon closing their plant.

    Triple 7 is not at risk - just GOEX.
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