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  1. 2020 Presidential Debate Countdown

    If you are a Trump supporter, Trump won. If you are a Biden supporter, or at least a Trump hater, Biden won.
  2. 2020 Presidential Debate Countdown

    I think Wallace just did a "Candy Crowley".
  3. 2020 Presidential Debate Countdown

    Biden gets to insult Trump and Wallace lets it go. without any rebuttal.
  4. 2020 Presidential Debate Countdown

    Conspicuous Service Medal?
  5. 2020 Presidential Debate Countdown

    I'll be the Chris Wallace NEVER volunteers to moderate another presidential debate again.
  6. Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar connected voter fraud

    Sorry, dupe. (self-policing)
  7. 2020 Presidential Debate Countdown

    I plan on watching it but I am also going to record it in case I get a terminal case of nausea.
  8. Texas Reloaded

    That's pretty high praise.
  9. Texas Reloaded

    This is the GREATEST political video I have ever seen.
  10. What to do with that last few oz of powder?

    Get a large hydrogen-filled balloon, some very slow fuze material...
  11. It is already an invalid election

    Massachusetts Town Clerks: New mail-in voting format “ripe” for fraud "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Evan Lips, communications director 617-523-5005 ext. 245 WOBURN — The state’s new mail-in ballot authorization system launched Wednesday through Secretary of State William Galvin’s office...
  12. Battlefield TV Series

    Thanks for posting this, it shows the wisdom of having combat photographers to capture what actually happened. As it was happening. The series I remember best was "Victory at Sea". In addition to the photography it had some awesome musical scores. View...
  13. Yellowstone - TV Series

    I have to disagree. To me, much of TV IS mindless entertainment. "Friends", "Cheers", most other current and past sitcoms. "Yellowstone" has some much more developed, three dimensional, often conflicted characters (like them or not). And it touched upon some real situations and tensions...
  14. WWYD

    Nope, not gonna say it.
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