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  1. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    Money and Power!
  2. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    I totally agree! She is a force in liberal Massachusetts.
  3. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    and Massachusetts was voted the best state to raise children in. Yawn!
  4. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    She will need more money to eliminate the traffic problems in Boston since the Zakim bridge didn't fix the problem.
  5. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    That's the whole idea if you're a Democrat Politician. Monkey SEE, Monkey DO mindset. One Democrat plan for all Blue States and we will conquer and become Bijing Land instead of the USA. This means Sugar Daddy Soros with his Boy Wonder Obama wins. Their backup plan is Killary and Michelle with...
  6. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    Can it get any worst? Yes it can! I'm waiting for November's election and maybe I'll be moving to Naples, FL for good. Where common sense and freedom is a way life. I hate this State and people like Healey and Warren make me feel like I live in a Communist country.
  7. Caspian or Colt, or both?

    What a story! Looks like you made out okay. You're lucky buy a lottery ticket! I have a Caspian lower and a SVI upper with a KKM barrel in 38Super. I love the gun!
  8. WTS SOLD Thank You!

    price change
  9. WTS U.S. Springfield Armory M1 Garand WWII (1944) Era. SOLD

    Sold for more than asking. Garand prices are climbing!
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