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  1. Deals and steals

    Attention, bitchez… PSA has Geissele super semi enhanced for $150!!! That’s close to half price. Totally worth it. And NO, I don’t give a shit if they ship to your state. Just move already.
  2. ‘Bad and Getting Worse’: Dianne Feinstein Is Losing Her Memory, Concerned Senate Sources Say

    Nope, the problem is not Diane Feinstein. She’s just the manifestation of the problem. The issue will persist as long as Californians have a right to representation in congress and senate. Too many times has the state of California made policies for the rest of the nation because of the big...
  3. Twice as lethal. Twice!!!!

    I don’t think there’s body armor out there that could stop 308 or 6.5 CM, let alone 300 winmag, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC etc. the Fury is just the latest addition to the list. I hope nobody told the Daily Beast about AR 10s. They’d need their brown pants, I tell you that.
  4. What is your "Long Range" Rifle Platform?

    Or, just maybe, the club does not enjoy half inch holes in their expensive steel targets.
  5. You’re at a mass shooting event armed. What do you do?

    Nobody is coming to save you. Everything is your responsibility. save who needs saving. Kill who needs killing. If you’re not shooting, you better be moving. Doing just about anything is better than doing nothing. Incoming fire has the right of way. Don‘t die. Follow these simple instructions...
  6. Which current production revolver for carry?

    Smith 686/7 with a 4” barrel, or, if you can swing it, Manurhin MR73 gendarmerie. If you get one of those, you’re pretty much revolver top of the food chain.
  7. Deals and steals

    Heads up: McPherson’s in Brentwood NH has 12g 2-3/4 Fiocchi defensive 9 pellet buckshot for $20 for a box of 25. It’s not the fag reduced recoil stuff either, it’s the full whammy shit.
  8. Summers coming. Who's getting ready to change over their CCW and method of carry?

    I drive a 2016 police cruiser. The seats are set up to accommodate batbelt/OWB holster.
  9. Handguard

    Midwest has one, not sure if it meets your criteria tho.
  10. Urban carry shoulder rig review

    So, here we go. As of lately, I haven’t been carrying much, mostly because the leather holster I have for my edc is ok, but not great. It’s also quite old, and the belt loop won’t fit my gun belt. All other holsters I own are G codes with the RTI system, which is awesome for training/SHTF...
  11. Firearms retailers and manufacturers caving 2 big Gov't and throwing each other under the bus.

    That was the reason I let my membership at my last club lapse. A 300 yd range isn’t worth going against my principles.
  12. How to buy a Glock 17

    It’s bad form to disclose that type of information on NES.
  13. random thought about mounting a stock to the front rail of a pistol

    Whoa! An extended, probably 15 round mag for a 1911. Now you can do 15 malfunction drills without reloading! That’s some genius level shit right there.
  14. Deals and steals

    Oh, where to begin, young Padawan? Between the glass made out of corona beer bottle bottoms, to the internals made of paper thin recycled and pressed pringles lids, the adjustments being about as reliable as democrat politicians, the probably 1” tube with the light transmission of a scratched...
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