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  1. SCOTUS Grants Cert to a Gun Case! (NY State)

    Would be good to release this decision and Roe V Wade at the same time
  2. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    I believe in gold and silver. Just increased our position in AAAU. Looking to buy more physical but as we are roaming I am a little concerned about getting shipment. Maybe I will find some "local" sources. We will be going to family next month so we could have shipments sent there.
  3. N/D Of The Week

    self inflicted vasectomy?
  4. Commonwealth v. Truth, who would you bet on?

    Haven't you learned that in the Commiewealth, Truth doesn't stand a chance?
  5. NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams wants Democrats to go after handguns

    and yet the people of NY will cry about all the crime and try to go after citizens who want to LEGALLY possess firearms
  6. FFL's Trailer Stolen From Gun Show Parking Lot

    Ha Have you seen some of the cops lately? Fat [email protected]$
  7. SCOTUS Grants Cert to a Gun Case! (NY State)

    can we please stay on topic? start a new thread if you want to discuss Trump and DeSantis.
  8. Home range backstop.

    Looks to be about 5' tall? I would think you might want something much higher. What are you shooting into that? You need to be careful of rounds skipping over.
  9. Estate Planning: Who are you leaving your guns too? What is you have no one to leave them too?

    If you don't have anyone to leave them to I would suggest you set up a trust to then sell them on your death and maybe have the proceeds go to a gun organization or other person/organization of your choice.
  10. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    unless you need to reload, revolver doesn't require you to police your brass "immediately." just saying. You know, in case you need to leave quickly.... [smile]
  11. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    I am so sorry for your loss.
  12. Prep of The Day Thread

    yep, see it in my signature
  13. Dog kills duck and duck owner shoots dog dead. Where do you stand?

    It's the cover up that will get you every time! Dude was within his rights but should have owned up to it.
  14. Ukraine

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