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  1. Do I have an HVAC issue or an electrical issue ?

    Don't breakers start to get "weaker " the more times they are tripped? I'm sure there might be more to it, but I'd replace the breaker anyways
  2. Trailer Boaters' Life Hacks--Add Yours

    Film everything. This stuff is much funnier to laugh at with pictures
  3. PA Cops Shoot 18' Pet Snake That Killed Owner

    Snakes are gonna snake, why would this guy expect any different
  4. Question on Private Sale/Transfer

    Only counts if umbrella has sword like handle and causes mass police response. We like helicopters here . After you've poked around here for a while you'll get all this. Go green and you'll get to all the good stuff. Lots to learn here.
  5. Question on Private Sale/Transfer

    Make sure you both know the secret NES handshake and do the transfer at a mall parking lot under a black umbrella. Enjoy your new acquisition!
  6. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    Who has the Go Time clock these days? Was it Michael Jr that had it last?
  7. Lena Miculek $1M Gun Collection. Pretty wild.

    Dupes "The Collector" Walkthrough of $1,000,000 firearms collection.
  8. Why can’t Jesus just give these people cancer

    ^^^^^ tell that to maura
  9. Registering surplus/auction HMMWV?

    I'm ok with them confiscating and crushing any H2 or H3s . Douche magnets
  10. Tips and tricks for cosmoline

    Forget the trash bag move. Load up several mags and shoot it till the cosmo is oozing out of the stock. Mmmmmm smells Iike the old car shoots
  11. Gas for Guns

    I'm thinking I could get more gas with my gun, then they are giving me for my gun
  12. How do you store your AR uppers?

    On a clothesline in the front yard under the let's go Brandon flag. Actually I used pvc tubing with end caps. Labeled the outside of the tube to identify them. They store vehicle or horizontally and it protects them from getting banged up or banging other things up. Nice and simple and cheap
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