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  1. Canada, North of crazy

    Fixed it for him.
  2. Is the Mill famous?

    She doesn't work for them. The Globe owns her - lock, stock, and barrel.
  3. Is the Mill famous?

    Should have told her even Megan screams holy hell if you try to line her cage with the Globe.
  4. Are a you a FPP because of "substance abuse"? Maybe not

    Unconstitutionally vague should apply to Maura's 7/20/16 nonsense!
  5. ATF Now Requiring Flotation Devices

    Are those saline or silicone?
  6. ATF Now Requiring Flotation Devices

    Damn, I wish I knew this before my boating accident!
  7. Unbranded AR

    AR15s use either cast, billet, or forged lowers all of which use different aluminum compositions. Some are also made from carbon fiber...
  8. Gun "Buybacks"

    Correct, it's not required at all!
  9. 10+ rounds capacity preban mags or is there a modern gun other than berretta, glock and sig that has preban mags?

    Si, 14+1 P14 in 45. S&W5906 pre-ban 15-round factory mags are now hard to find.
  10. An article from 2016 (in three parts because of length) concerning gun control/Bill of Rights

    Yes, we do need to keep preaching this because with all the new and young gun owners/members on this forum, I'm sure that some, and maybe many, do not know the history of the 2nd Amendment. Once they learn this, they can then pass it on to others. It's definitely not a subject that is taught...
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