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  1. Are air rifles firearms in MA?

    I read this and it still seems vague as to air rifles. I was hoping to fine something that said “ airguns are not firearms” sort of thing. G
  2. Are air rifles firearms in MA?

    140 seems repealed. ? G
  3. Are air rifles firearms in MA?

    I don’t think that they are classed firearms in MA. But I can’t find written law to prove this. Can anyone post a link that proves the above from a credible source? Thanks G
  4. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Nice space! who broke the window? I recently started using chief architect again. it looks faster as there are a lot of modules. im sure it would be even faster if i went to class for it now and again G
  5. New Winter Road Pretreatment will destory your automobile!

    i grew up in the north of Scotland. where cars rusted out in 10 years or less because of the salt. We used to spray a mix of oil based undercoat (product would go hard when cured) and waste oil. this was to prevent the mix from going hard. It would eventually get washed off here and there, but...
  6. New Sig P365 Owner - Ammo And IWB Holster Recommendations?

    That does look good. Oh well whats another holster!! G
  7. New Sig P365 Owner - Ammo And IWB Holster Recommendations?

    I looked at these. the pocket ones look nice. when i am not pocket carrying i like to IWB. i got one like these with the single retaining clip for my p365, but the retaining clip is at the widest point. making it even wider! i liked the ones with the two clips, one in front and one behind the...
  8. New Sig P365 Owner - Ammo And IWB Holster Recommendations?

    i carry mine in an uncle mikes #3 pocket holster. I have another pocket holster from Mika's Pocket Holsters that works good also
  9. Family Summer Vacation - Montana?

    look at the size of the bird in the background of the brown bear in pic 5!! was in Yellowstone for the big eclipse in 2017. place was a ghost town then. perfect! did most of the continental divide on enduro bikes and went through most of those parks, glazier, teton, yellowstone... might have...
  10. 3N38 and 180grn 10mm

    I am not a VV sales person!! VV 3N38 measures real good as it is real small granules. There is not a lot of info that i could find on this combination. I thought i would try some and was surprised. Pleasantly! Please use this data at your own risk cold 30 degree day, 5 shots of each...
  11. Mass Compliant Sig P365

    Well what u know!! you are correct. now i look real close to mine the number is not on a recessed part of the is a slot showing the number on the trigger unit. i suppose i need to take mine completely apart then! thanks G
  12. Mass Compliant Sig P365

    the serial number on my free state P365 is on the frame not the trigger group the p320 is on the trigger group G
  13. Mass Compliant Sig P365

    i have p320 x5 and p365, and shoot both of them. they work great for me. no problems i love them. in fact im cleaning out all my sig DA/SA because of them i may have the signess... G
  14. Home heating oil price.

    just got my bill today. $4.00 Nantucket. We pay the price....
  15. 147grn in 9mm with VV 3N38

    The 3N38 loads were right out of the Vihtavuori book with the exception of the 7.0 load. The book lists 6.9 as max. It meeters real nice also. Grains are half the size of N320 which is what I have been loading in 9 mm
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