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  1. Stupid Problem

    oh, mines a dedicated glock mgw tool if anyone cares.
  2. Stupid Problem

    yeah, that's how i did my first one...someone offered me the use of theirs. i got it, used it, test fired at the range and returned it in 24 hrs. then a few years later, i bought it off the guy! thanks jason [laugh] 7 rear sight swap outs later and counting...
  3. Stupid Problem

    yeah, said all that in the directions, just sayin'.
  4. Green Card Renewal

    safe bet you may be the oldest thing in town, jack, they just take you for granted now. [bow]
  5. Stupid Problem

    my glock sight pusher has paid for itself several times....
  6. My daughter got picked up by her Driving School Teacher and never returned home: texted something about a cult church :(

    despair! no such word in reptile's...or my own vocabulary. reading any given moment of nes is sometimes likened to a never ending episode of hee haw.
  7. More NYT Award Winning Fake News

    i suppose in a bizarre way it's stolen
  8. My daughter got picked up by her Driving School Teacher and never returned home: texted something about a cult church :(

    i like how we're such a tight community that when we're having the crises of a lifetime, our first thought is to log on and post about it and solicit advice from this crew, the people who's biggest collective problem since i've been here is being told to wear a face mask.
  9. This girl is a little bit upset about women's "liberation"

    a delightful parody... [laugh] my mom did all that stuff...after she came home from work everyday. if my dad tried to do anything, she'd say he slowed her down, go watch tv. if someone told her she was "liberated" she'd say "i don't have time for that bunk." i never could find a woman like mom!
  10. Immediate justice; "restrained" - <snicker>

    right! and were seeing it with the blm and antifa antics. i'm sure they consider themselves vigilantes doing the right thing.
  11. WWYD

    sounds like your blaming the restaurant. grow a pair and when some asswipe leans in over the table and starts yelling, spray a blast of pepper spray into their face and open mouth. there's other things you could do but it would probably involve jail time.
  12. Scamdemic Mask Rules

    you're gonna have plenty of time to get the ball rolling, we'll be still doing this well into next year.
  13. Guitar Thread? Guitar Thread

    thanks, pm on the way!
  14. ebay tsa confiscations

    i've seen those auctions but for stuff seized at customs, like high end watches that look brand new and you can't cough up a receipt. i honestly have no interest in tiny bottles of baby shampoo seized by tsa. i've set up tables at the gun shows a few years ago and seem to always be beside an...
  15. Scamdemic Mask Rules

    i have not seen any place of business try to enforce the mask thing, at least at the places i frequent. even the chick that cuts my hair, she said it's my choice if i want to wear one (she does) and i do just to cover her ass. you never know who'll be dropping a dime or who's the mask spy. i'd...
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