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  1. Plymer 80% glock kits. Are these legal to own in MA?

    Jeez, guys. I must completely misunderstand the benefits of s P80 build…
  2. Guy brandishes a P80 at Dartmouth Dunkin Donuts

    Probably upset over gross coffee.
  3. Manual safety on M&P Bodyguard 380

    It’s always weird to me that people tell you how much the BG380 sucks because of the heavy trigger. Yeah, no doy.
  4. Magpul prs stock

    I had a PRS on an HBAR Colt that I used for precision shooting. I didn’t put a lot of rounds on it with the PRS, but I didn’t particularly like the added weight (or aesthetics) vs the stock A2. Even it the most compact form, it’s a hair longer than an A2 and messed with the eye relief on my...
  5. New LGS in Bellingham?

    He is conflating gunfighting and marksmanship. No disrespect to him, but if he took training at Sig Academy and didn’t learn the difference then shame on $ig.
  6. Thanks for the help everyone

    How much is a 22 year old Suzuki worth? You are asking for a $150/hr mechanic to make a house call.
  7. New LGS in Bellingham?

    Quintupling! Dude, you went through the trouble of posting a pic from their website to criticize using a light and optic at 6’: When everyone else explained to you that you should train how you carry, regardless of distance, you should have just responded with “I never thought of that.”...
  8. New LGS in Bellingham?

    You know what distance and what time of day your gun fight will be at? Nice!
  9. Daughter wants a Gun

    Good training will help her navigate some of the bad advice here.
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