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  2. WTS Ruger LC9 S pro 9mm

  3. 1990 Juvenile felony vacated

    Good luck with the next step!!
  4. 1911 Rear Sight Elevation Screw Removal?

    There should be one or two small springs under the rear sight that may fall out when you remove the elavation screw. If it's a bomar site I believe the elevation screw also holds the sight on to the frame. That sight also has a small spring keeping tension on the elevation screw your trying to...
  5. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast. Sucks.

    That's good news!!
  6. WTS Sig 225 A1 9 mm

  7. Is it too late to dump our guns?

    I'm confused is a gun dump like a mag dump, great fun for a few minutes then you realize it was also a money dump lol
  8. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast. Sucks.

    That sucks!!! I would wait to hear from DW before spending money on a metal allergy test that you won t recoup. Was the barrel new manufacture or old stock? also more than likely if DW is going to make it right they will want the UN altered barrel back. Keep us posted. I recommend taking a...
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  10. WTS Ruger Mark lll 22/45

    For sale Ruger Mark lll 22/45, 22 caliber, in good condition some wear on barrel bluing (see pics) full volquartsen internals ( target trigger improvements) bushing installed for easier takedown. Volquartsen extractor and firing pin. Includes one mag. Prefers CCI and golden bulletts, dislikes...
  11. Masks and youth soccer in MA

    Tell your daughter you didn't read the rules when you signed her up and since you don't like the rules that you had to agree to before she could play that your gonna yank her from the team because after all it's all about you....can you image the tan line from a hour of mask wearing :O... Or you...
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  13. Hitman Firearms

    If he was put on paid leave for a year and not told why (acording to the Lowell sun article) he probably wasn't shocked by this.
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