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  1. Justice Department says it is legal for the government to kill U.S. citizens

    Sorry if it's a dupe Memo sets rationale to kill Qaida-linked citizens - Yahoo! News
  2. Article: NES member June4th's speech during the rally in Boston

    It was an honor to be there, to hear this man with my own ears, to be able to claim that I was at the state house for the beginning and not the end, is something I'm very proud of.
  3. State Capitol Demonstration Megathread with Pics

    My wife and I just got back from the best day we've ever had in Boston. Being out there with all of you and some of your families was something I greatly appreciated. By the looks of half of these photos some of you were right near us, wish we had stayed longer to meet more of you. The wife...
  4. Mass. 2013 2A State House Demonstration, ATTENDEES post here

    I was there. With my wife, we couldn't believe how many people came out for this. Media is already saying a few hundreds but it was well over that. She was very glad she came, said she hadnt ever felt so safe in a crowd of people before... had to agree.
  5. 25% Tax on all Gun and Ammo Sales Proposed

    This might as well be a poll tax
  6. CNN Poll - hit this

    Done. We're losing...
  7. Vote At Berkshire Eagle/ Gun Control Poll Looking Liberal

    Done. Thats fine with me.
  8. Oh , hey. Where the F are our Republican leaders ? It's not all bad [thinking]
  9. Newtown School Mass Shootings: Who or What is to Blame?

    ^^Senator Joe Manchin ... uhhh Senator? They're all crooks
  10. Newtown School Mass Shootings: Who or What is to Blame?

    Sorry if it's a dupe.
  11. Somebody gets it! Texas school allows teachers to CCW

    Similiar to another thread started by Derek
  12. The Price Gouging/Everything Shortage Megathread

    and after saying... 2013 is already off to a good start... maybe this is what the mayans had in mind for Friday.
  13. Think these will be banned?

    Does it have an evil bayonet lug?
  14. I can no longer argue with Facebook Commandos

    I think the NRA is on the same page.
  15. Mass Firearms School offering classes in SPANISH?!

    I've taken classes there and also received this e-mail. Honestly, It doesn't bother me at all. If I were a native Spanish speaker I would prefer a class taught in my native language simply for that fact that Massachusetts laws and regulations are confusing enough... let alone in a second...
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