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  1. Bouy Data

    and now he can swim
  2. Gold and silver prices are down

    RichC hit it. They make the paper for currency. Non-stop lately. It's located in Dalton.
  3. Gold and silver prices are down

    my father-in-law works for Crane. he said they've never printed more than they are now, and it shows no signs of stopping.
  4. The prices you guys are charging for guns/ammo is absolute extortion

    just wait till the 'Rona disappears and grab a used one. the scramble makes people do stupid things, then stupid things turn into WTS ads. I'm saving up for a field day on the back end of this thing.
  5. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    accuracy first, then chrono. for 38 the gas check wouldn't be necessary, but i make some when i can (3 kids) so between 357, 358 winchester, and a strong possibility of a lever gun in the future, i don't want to stare at a box of plain base projos later on in life. ps- Spangler, they might be...
  6. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Test loads for my new Noe mold ready to roll. Noe model # 360-152-SWC-V5 4 cavity gas check. 38 special up first. Hi-tek coat and Hornady gas checks put them around 153-154gr.
  7. National Park Service Looking For Hunters To Kill Bison At The Grand Canyon

    you will see the same language in an article within a year or two of MA asking for help with coyotes....
  8. Primer Source

    i bet it was Ben from Virginia...
  9. "How to Get An FFL" Webinar - Tuesday 3/23 - 6:30-8:30 PM - $40

    got around to watching the video. very informative, thank you
  10. How to learn (deer, etc)?

    1.) scout (find tracks, swamps, food etc) might help to read magazines on this 2.) play the wind (no amount of scent control will beat a deer nose) 3.) sit still start with that
  11. Something BIG is happening in Mass

    heres some intelligle info on the OP's drift. I, too, am involved in local gubmint. The latest Covid relief bill has epic amounts of fed $$$ inbound. First clickable link is the town-by-town breakdown of where its all being allocated. If you've been staring at a pothole or leaking water main...
  12. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    shipping notification for Giraud Tri-way in 30.06 [banana] faster garand food, here we come!!!
  13. Buying land just for the sake of buying land?

    if you aint .gov, good luck trying that
  14. Buying land just for the sake of buying land?

    There's two things you can't make more of: time and land. Value only goes in one direction for both in the long term
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